By using team nicknames, rugby is slowly selling its soul

Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by snoopy snoopy dog dog, Feb 28, 2009.

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    I tend to agree with this. What have Sharks got to do with Sale and the Greater Manchester region? Do Tigers freely roam the streets of Leicester? A few years ago Leinster adopted the moniker of "Leinster Lions". Thankfully the fans got their way and that awful marketing tag was lifted.

    Recently we've seen US soccer franchises give up on their pathetic gimmicky team names in favour of more traditional names (eg FC Dallas, Toronto FC and the more dubious Houston Dynamo and Real Salt Lake). Why can't rugby follow suit and allow team nicknames form more naturally rather than created at the whim of a marketing guru?
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  3. Flux

    Flux Guest

    The only problem with naming the New Zealand teams by their main province is that it isn't the only province they represent. For the Hurricanes to name themselves 'Wellington' would be a great disrespect to the other provinces who support them.

    However, the teams who actually have the history that the articles speaks of are still named after their province in the Air New Zealand Cup competition. In saying that, the teams that have recently been added to this competition have been given stupid nick names to go with their actual province (the Steamers, Turbos, etc.).

    I'm not sure how things work for South African or Australian teams. But I think South Africa is similar to NZ with their national competition and the Australians don't even have one of their own. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  4. ChiefsFan

    ChiefsFan Guest

    When they did have their nat comp, for that one year, each team had an area and a nickname, i.e. the Ballymore Tornadoes (I think).

    The reason the NZ teams dropped the province from their name is, as Flux has said due to the fact that each team didn't represent one province. Waikato Chiefs became the Chiefs first because they had Harbour in the franchise, which, for those that don't know, is nowhere near the Waikato.
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