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Discussion in 'General Gaming Chat' started by Kage, Jan 10, 2006.

  1. Kage

    Kage Guest

    Anyone remember this old amiga gem? I can barely remember playing it. I remember the rucks and mauls were "joystick wiggle fests" where the person who wiggled side-to-side fastest with the joystick won possession (a bit like WCR [​IMG]. It also had the odd random miss tackle, so taking on the line sometimes payed off.

    Too bad i spent all my time playing E.T's rugby league instead of playing this.
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  3. I think it also came under the name " World cup rugby " in UK. Remember owning it, big chunky green box with a 3.5" disk in it [​IMG]
  4. MightyQuin

    MightyQuin Guest

    Yeah, I remember it - a shocking game!!

    World Class Rugby, and the league variant (Wembley Rugby League - I think this was ET's rugby elsewhere) were my favourites.

    I do remember a really bad couple of rugby games back on the speccie too while we are reminiscing - World Cup rugby by Domark I think was one - and codemasters did a sideview one, where if you judged the right place on the pitch, you could run the full length every time with the defenders simply zig-zagging away from you! [​IMG]

    Fortunately, they don't make them like that anymore!

    Actually ... rugby 2**4 ... hell, they do still make 'em. [​IMG]
  5. World class rugby was great. Played it on spectrum, Atari ST and Amiga. On the note of going straight through games, does anyone remember a game on the spectrum, not sure if it was called the fall guy or something. You were in a little car and you could just press right and jump and go all the way through the game without dying.

    THE single worst game of all time [​IMG]
  6. Never heard of it...mind you I was probably a ickle non-rugby boy back then... [​IMG]
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