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CB Series


An Tarbh

New Zealand Squad[/u]

Stephen Fleming (captain), Andre Adams, Nathan Astle, Shane Bond, James Franklin, Peter Fulton, Mark Gillespie, Hamish Marshall, Michael Mason, Brendon McCullum, Craig McMillan, Jeetan Patel, Ross Taylor, Daniel Vettori.
Really looking forward to this series, confident Black Caps will make finals again too.
confident, I'd put the mortgage on it. There won't be any opposition from England in this series.
Although after recording our 2nd lowest total ever and having the biggest losing margin ever yesterday, I'm now not too sure...



na dude its the cb series this year.

dont worry you aussies wont have any chance at losing it this year.
i heard u guys got like 63 total score against SL

as much as i want to believe it (a whitewash) when its beige v gold.........its game on

england last
NZ v Aussie in final

it wont be a whitewash......one-dayers have that lotto element
well it may have been pathetic but still nothing to worry about considering the level that England are at.
friday night yeah baby :) first game between england and aussie, looking forward to it, if i can get the tv that is.

cricket maybe the downfall of my relationship with my gf this year. oh well we all must make sacrifices.

sunday, is all mine yeah :) but wish it was a d/n match though
Anyone watch the Twenty20 match last night?

England just stumble from one embarrassment to another, smashed all around the park for world-record 221 and only managing a meazley 144 in reply. Englands odds have now been slashed to 6-1 to go winless in OZ this summer..... easy money if you ask me.

Good to see Hilfenhaus and White rewarded for their good domestic form this year, both were awesome last night and i think they'll play a big part in this years 1-day WC.

Hilfenhaus is gonna be a star, i haven't seen anyone swing the ball like he can for some time, he's been dominating batsmen in state cricket all season and i reckon he's the perfect replacement for McGrath in the test side..... and he's only 23!.
The Australian batting was just awesome, got a little freaked out though when Gilly smashed those 3 sixes and the graphic comes up on the screen 666. He certainly has a hex on England at the moment that's for sure. Class stuff though from the Aussies says it all about the difference between the 2 sides, 14-1 in terms of sixes, the Sky commentators were going appoplectic over the amount of reverse sweeps from the English, not sure what the Aussies made of it but that sure isn't the way to get to 222.

Highlight of the night though was that dropped catch from Harwood, I'm not the most physically gifted of people but I reckon I wouldn't have even dropped that one. He just looked like some bloke they picked up off a dirt track and asked him did he want to play against England for the laugh.

Another thing for England, what the hell is Ed Joyce doing in the side? His batting form has been really poor and his fielding is absolute cack, he must have the weakest arm I've ever seen from a cricketer.

Hilfenhaus was seriously impressive though, great figures and a great action, definite star there alright.
Shame you guys didn't have the channel 9 commentary up there.

They had Gilly,Punter and Vaughan all wearing microphones and ear-peices, thats why Gilly went for that third 6, Michael Slater was begging him to go for it.

The funniest part was when they asked Gilly to throw to a commercial break and he said - "Australia right on top here, England in all sorts of trouble yet again this summer, 4 for 60" - lol.

It reminds me of those hilarious testimonial matches they had for retiring players during the 90's where they all wore mic's. Hopefully they have one of those matches for Warney this year......... Who could forget Fatty Vautin's classic catch off Tim Horan... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fxj_Hwk4Xsw
that fu***n catch yeah :)

i actually still have that whole match on vhs somewhere : )

Hilfenhaus is going to revolutionise swing bowling in Australia

He bowled to Joey Johns last night in the 20/20.......Joey got his 1st runs of Hilfy, but again The Hilfenator was swinging it like a demon

Look out for this man!!!!
i think you aussies have to watch out for bond if he is swinging it, he was swinging it like crazy in the matches he played over here. and at a very good pace 2, good to see him get back up to the 150k+ mark.
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i can see the english gettting beaten again tonight by a huge margin.

though the only time i go for the english is when they arnt going well, i still like the aussies better than the english. though i like to see a contest.

just dont see the aussies making much of a contest out of it though
just dont see the aussies making much of a contest out of it though

i turned up at the "do you think you can cricket" auditions in Sydney - a show held here to encourage jo blows to take on England

Sadly i never made it............too good :bleh!:

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