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This is for all of you who have gone from Div 3 to 1 and survived - Welldone.

Now my question. Doies the gamne get tougher as you win promotion. I started a league on Normal (just cokuldnt win anything on hard mode) I won and lost a couple of games, but got promoted to Div 2. I've played 2 games, won 1 and lost 1.

Does it get even harder, the teams more difficult to beat. Do they play smarter?
I think they do play better, especially in terms of their tactcal kicking. In D3 they kicked it out on the full from 1 metre outside their 22, and I assumed it was a bug, then in D1 they now kick it so it bounces inches inside the line, and 20m further up the pitch. They also attack a lot more in the scrummages, wheeling it round and tightheading it sometimes.
i hope it gets harder. i'm in the beginning of my second season (division 2) and i still haven't lost a match...
It does get harder but i can still win knockout for some reason. Brumbies usually in top 7 in D1 seem to be pretty easy on world league.
Lost heaps of games in 3rd division, but once I got a few good players, I got promoted and went through the entire second and first division without losing a single match. I play on hard mode and must say it is easy to master, and is a bit dissapointing, this game is so much fun to play, if the challenge would have only lasted a little longer. Im going to win the world cup wih Japan on hard, and then, sadly I think ill be putting it away for a while. Ive had the game ten days and have completely mastered it on hard, even being a crap team dosent help, ill still beat anyone. England is tough but not in a fun way. Bring on 2006 with some customizable difficulty options.
the turnovers really suck. i you play on hard, there are more turnovers and it's a nonsense : when you got a maul and you got the ball, most of time, there is a turnover. pure nonsense.