Do you see any shocks in the WC coming up?

Discussion in 'Rugby World Cup 2007' started by Will, Sep 10, 2007.

  1. Will

    Will Guest

    Quite simply, do you foresee any shocks that might come up in the world cup this year?

    Some might have thought that Argentina beating France was a shock, but given the recent past record between the two sides I personally don't think it was that great a surprise.

    However, the one possible shock I can see coming up is Samoa beating England. Especially if South Africa really give England a doing. A result I might put £10 on.....
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  3. Fitzblado

    Fitzblado Guest

    If your lookin for betting tips your in the wrong place!!! :cheers:
  4. Will

    Will Guest

    No, not betting tips. Far from it. It's just with the rugby world cup there are so few in the way of upsets. There are the top four of five teams who are normally untouchable, then there are those who can occasionally raise their game and bring off a huge upset, or at least come close at times.

    Just thought a few might have a few ideas of their own as to any possible upsets in the group games ahead, and then of course the knock out stages....
  5. Fitzblado

    Fitzblado Guest

    Cant see any big shocks,Samoa might give england a game,no shocks for me mate,Top 8 are so far ahead of the rest.
  6. scuubasteve

    scuubasteve Guest

    Argentina in the Semis...
  7. InsaneAsylum

    InsaneAsylum Guest

    it's a long shot and bound to **** people off.... but france to knock out the all blacks in the quarters. alternatively england or south africa to beat the wallabies in the quarters.
  8. mimic

    mimic Guest

    If Argentina manage to top their pool, considering they've already beaten the French, it won't be a surprise for them to make the semis. They're lucky they get to play either Italy or Scotland. Both teams they can beat. Especially if they could beat the French.

    The Springboks are gonna have an easy road to the final :(
  9. Juggernaut

    Juggernaut Guest

    Would be an upset if Fiji beat Wales and make the quarters.

    A lot of people have written us off (and rightly so) but I believe that is our main advantage, our secret weapon.
  10. scuubasteve

    scuubasteve Guest

    Haha, Springboks had to have an easy road to the semis this time.

    Coz what happened last time in 03 when they didn't?!

    As much as people respected Argentina before the Cup kicked off, in all the talk about the pool of death, I don't remember anyone predicting the Argies to make the semi's. Hence, shock of the Tournament.

    I've actually been quite shocked (pleasantly) with a few of the results that have happened allready. Namibia, USA, Canada, Argentina.

    What about if the AB's put 50points on the team they play in the final?

    Are we also talking about favourites sending out shockwaves aswell as the more common shock of underdogs exceeding expectations?

    Haha, how bout if the AB's DON'T choke?!

    Based on some older post that would appear to be a shock to some.
  11. Juggernaut

    Juggernaut Guest

    Good call. Biggest upset would be the All Blacks beating the Wallabies in the semi-finals.
  12. scuubasteve

    scuubasteve Guest

    I'll be pretty shocked if England doesn't take a humping from the Boks this weekend...

    The ever optimistic journos doing the rugby headlines in the Times and Guardian would simply explode with joyous superlatives if the Boks were thwarted.
  13. InsaneAsylum

    InsaneAsylum Guest

    haha they do that for the rugby too... i thought it was just the ashes series? :D
  14. Caledfwlch

    Caledfwlch Guest

    Well honestly we've already seen some real shockers.

    1) Ireland v Namibia
    2) Arg v France

    3) Englalalnd v USA

    And no, Canada leading against Wales at half time was not a shocker :p
  15. Triniquint

    Triniquint Guest

    Wouldn't we all? As an England supporter we have eyes, and can see how poor England have been, despite the promise of better stuff to come (which has yet to materialise). Given their recent games, it would appear that the Boks will win the match with England on Friday. But if England won, the 'ever optimistic journos doing the rugby healdines in the Times and Guardian' wouldn't be the only ones who 'would simply explode with joyous superlatives if the Boks were thwarted'. As you would if your team won a tough match. There's nothing wrong with that.
  16. scuubasteve

    scuubasteve Guest

    Nothing wrong at all mate!

    And personally, I hope to be giving you England supporters as many superlatives as you want this time next week; if you pull off the big one. I'd much rather prefer to see Boks and Wallabies hammer it out in the quarters from a kiwi point of view, and probably also a welsh one.
  17. Riot

    Riot Guest

    France beating the AB's isna shocker, alot of people are predicting that since the loss to the puma's
    The french dont want an early exit at their world cup
  18. Eternal Idol

    Eternal Idol Guest

    Well I could be wrong but I see Ireland playing a total of 4 matches.
  19. stormmaster1

    stormmaster1 Guest

    If a shock is an underdog victory, then the most likely ones are Samoa beating England, and either Scotland/Italy making the semifinals (on a perfect performance they got a chance against any 6N side). Most other ones wouldn't be too surprising e.g Wales bt Oz, England bt SA, France bt All blacks.
  20. Will

    Will Guest

    I don't know if I would see Wales beating the Aussies as such a huge shock. They certainly wouldn't be favourites, but with a full house behind them at the Millenium Stadium then who knows. It's certainly an advantage.
  21. I would also hope for a win for England on Fridag night (SA TIME) .But then again I don't think that England will have enough punch to stop the Bok Pack of forwards.To do that we will need the Wallabies or AB's.The biggest difference between the SA game and the AB's game over the wekend was POWER PLAY demonstrated with flying colors by the AB's.That's just my opinion.Let's give credit where it should be.The Boks played well against a rather motivated side.They got the points and made the win.I am sure they will do it again against England but who knows? Maybe a surprise is on the cards. :bravo:
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