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  1. loratadine

    loratadine Guest

    well its back, and it was interesting to here kingsley jones on scrum v saying that the english sides will be taking it alot more seriously this year because of the amount of money involved in it, kingsley actually said that sale will field a full strength side for the home games against newcastle falcons and the llanelli scarlets.

    three matches on this weekend

    friday there ospreys vs gloucester.

    now the ospreys need to start performing, the squad theyve got should be able to match anyones in the world, just poor management at the moment. Gavin Henson was one of the rare players to stand out against ulster, and made a few decent breaks. its a tough one to call with gloucester flying high but i expect a close win for the ospreys, 24-19

    wasps vs blues

    this one being at the arms park, i can see the blues winning this one, wasps are commited to retaining there title, but against a strong blues side infront of a fierce home support i think the blues will win.

    blues 28
    wasps 17

    scarlets vs nec harlequins

    the way the scarlets are playing is very daunting for any world class side let alone a side as poor as nec harlequins, if dwayne peel is fit then id expect a cricket score, ummm im going to say

    scarlets 42
    harlequins 14
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  3. SmokeyMonkey

    SmokeyMonkey Guest

    And I guess the Dragons don't count?????

    By the way we'll be lucky if just the Scarlets win next weekend, the Ospreys and Blues will seriously have to play better to even stand a chance of winning. As for the Dragons, I'll just be happy if we lose by less than 30 points!
  4. loratadine

    loratadine Guest

    i was covering the games which are going to be showed on t.v
  5. SmokeyMonkey

    SmokeyMonkey Guest

    I guess you don't have S4C then?
  6. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    Yet still not one Englishman gives 2 shits about this mickey mouse of a tournament.
  7. loratadine

    loratadine Guest

    thats cos your above the welsh. :/
  8. If the Ospreys play like they did against Ulster (and assuming Dean Ryan actually takes the match seriously) then Gloucester will rip them a new hole.

    I wouldn't be at all suprised to see a weakened Quins team get thrashed at Stradey Park though, because as Teh Mite said, no one who is English really cares about the competition.
  9. loratadine

    loratadine Guest

    no, maybe the fans dont which is a shame, because wales and england is the oldest and the best rivalry in england, im in no doubt that if the english put there passion and energy behind it then this tournament could be a massive thing, but until they start respecting the welsh as opposition that aint going to happen.
  10. It's not about any lack of respect for the Welsh as opposition. The fact is that compared to the Guinness Premiership and European Cup competitions, this holds no romance or tangable reward for clubs. The season is long enough as it is, and for those teams battling it out on two fronts already it is simply seen as an annoyance and opportunity to rest key men.

    Plus the majority of English rugby fans (myself included) are unhappy that the opportunity for lower league clubs to meet the big guns has been removed.

    It's the equivilent of the FA Cup being thrown out in football and replaced by a knockout competition with only the Premiership teams, plus Celtic, Rangers and Total Network Solutions thrown in.

    Quite frankly there is no point, as the majority of clubs meet often enough as it is anyway, and it totally removes the highlight of playing teams from across the border in the Heineken Cup.
  11. MightyQuin

    MightyQuin Guest

    I also agree that there is a lack of interest from the English regarding this competition.

    I suspect Quins will get hammered by the Scarlets, but I also suspect neither they nor the Quins fans will really care, as long as no-one picks up any injuries. Premiership survival is worth far more to Quins than winning a diluted Euro cup.

    Also, as a supporter of a weaker English team, I don't feel there is anything for Quins in the tournament, as let's face it, they would need to win 4 matches against premiership standard teams to win the cup - which ain't gonna happen!
    Bring back the old style cup, as not only did you give lower division English clubs the chance to cause an upset (e.g. the Bees stinging Wasps - sorry!), you also gave weaker premiership teams the chance to have a good couple of draws and end up at Twickenham (e.g. Leeds, Quins, Irish and Newcastle in the last few years) - whereas the current format favours the stronger clubs.
  12. loratadine

    loratadine Guest

    i do see what you mean, it would be nice if they could have put more thought into it, maybe a knockout comp ala the old english cup, just with the regions thrown in would have been alot better.

    what do you think??
  13. Only if the regions were placed in at the first round stage and faced away trips to Mosely and West Hartlepool... ;)
  14. loratadine

    loratadine Guest

    but of course.

    i think it would be well good, seeing gavin henson lace up at some dump in lancashire.
  15. getofmeland

    getofmeland Guest

    I feel this cup needs an FA Cup Style..... Where you have the National League 1 sides competing, so that there is likely to be the chance of an upset... and maybe also include the equivilant teams from wales... (sorry dont know whats under the Celtic League)...

    Do we want a forum for this topic???
  16. SmokeyMonkey

    SmokeyMonkey Guest

    The isn't anything 'under' the Celtic League, it's like the NFL or Super 14, some players play for them as well as the premiership teams like Newport, Aberavon, Cardiff, Llanelli, Neath, Bridgend and Swansea etc.
  17. Cymro

    Cymro Guest

    Llandovery, Ebbw Vale, Cross Keys, Pontypridd, Pontypool, Masteg, Bedwas and Glamorgan Wanderers
  18. DonBilly

    DonBilly Guest

    It's strange that the the Anglo-Welsh Rugby Union cup is called in such a way...
  19. I don't trust competitions with group stages where you play certain teams at home and others away. It's just not a truly fair way of doing it.

    The UEFA Cup is a shambles why copy it?

    PS Cymro...isn't it milking it a bit to claim Wales did the Grand Slam, Triple Crown and were Six Nations champions. Wouldn't Grand Slam on it's own cover it?
  20. loratadine

    loratadine Guest

    who cares, stop going on about it

    i mean why bring it up

    your 31, does it really bother you tht much, like the english have never milked something 1966 anyone?

    grow up mate
  21. loratadine

    loratadine Guest

    ospreys 49
    glouscester 19

    gavin henson played really well, scored a nice try and wrapped up 24 pts.
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