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editing playas



hey wen u edit a playa do u hav 2 copy the new play ova the old 1 n the old 1 goes 1 like that freelance team or do u just edit the playa n save it or wateva n it'll b just the 1 playa not the old playa n the new playa? cheers
well in fifa you cant edit u can only create and they are using the same engine, but you can transer players to other teams in fifa, so im really hoping you can do the same in rugby, because the squads change every year with drafting or players going over seas
no i mean like not transfering plays like takin wendels hair off n up rocokoc's stats that sorta thing just fix them up instead f chaging them from team 2 team cuz i had so many doubles n it confused me alot
yeh ino wat you mean if you cant edit then you must make sure you deleate the original player and re create
thats gay. wil u b able 2 get their body ht n weight rite? like i edited rocoko in 2004 n it said he was 125 kilo im lik da f*** n all i edited was hes stats
haha i duno bro i assume the creat player mode is a lot more usfull this year, you can adjust the shape of his nose ears etc , so i think that you will b able to slect his weight hopefully

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