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England A vs Portugal XV

Personally really looking forward to this. I know the fixture isn't exactly what we wanted to be but there's still a ton of talented youngsters who are getting a chance to play together and show a bit of what they can do.

Heyes, Barbeary, Randall and Ojomoh probably the players I'm most hoping put in big performances. All promising guys that play in positions of weakness for the senior team.
Seriously, there's a case for uncontested scrums.

Two tries for this back row. They're some unit, even considering the opposition.
I was excited for this and am still enjoying it to a degree but jeez, didn't realise just how underpowered Portugal would be upfront.

Scrums and mauls are a tough watch. Honestly, hope that the coaches/players recognise that we'll actually gain more from holding back in those areas and instead try to break them down in other ways.

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