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Sebastien Bertrank is the new national coach of Portugal


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Sep 8, 2023
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I guess he must of been already in the pipeline before the World Cup started, I hope he can carry on with the good work that has been done these last couple of years.

Sebastien Bertrank is the new national coach.

One cycle closes, another one opens.

Therefore, the FPR Management announces that the new national coach will be Mr. Sébastien Bertrank, French nationality, with over 25 years of experience in the construction and modernization of French rugby.

Sébastien Bertrank is responsible for the construction of a few projects, such as ASM Clermont, in the preparation and coordination of young teams and in the training center, club where he was the champion of France with the team of the Under-21 scale. Coordinated the teams of cadets and club hopes, who have won several national ***les.

The Management of FPR welcomes and wishes the new National Coach the greatest sporting and professional successes which will also be the success of Portuguese rugby.
Really have have no idea how good he is, and if he can take us forward
His most recent coaching experience is in the French third division and this year had been coaching coaches. Its not screaming out as a success to me but then I thought Fiji would divebomb after Cotter for similar reasons and they are in a QF.

I dom't know if Portugal or Lusitanos have an attacks coach. If they do I would have preferred them to get a shot. Or a frenchman under 55 years old currently coaching at a decent standard. Or someone coaching in Super Rugby Americas. But basically Portugal do not have the funds to attract top coaching talent.
Founds in a nutshell

We also have lost 3 of the big boys, we will have to see what we do in our next fixtures
One month into the Job and he has gone, resigned this week.
No clue we're the Federation go from here. This could take all the good work done in the last couple of years back.
Apparently left the role with immediate effect, citing logistical challenges in balancing his coaching duties with a prominent position at the French Ministry of Sport.

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