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Euros 2024 - Germany

Yeah, it worked out due to Foden's footwork, but I think Trippier was in acres of space to the left.

Hmm he was but Foden would have been lambasted had he tried to pass from where he was.
Not Foden, I think Mainoo who passed to Foden in the first place.
Really? From the aerial/wide view yes, but Trippier is So far out to the left at that point and Mainoo is looking forward. It would have been a miracle pass to make the decision to spot Trippier and switch it from there.

Anyway by the by I think it was a cracking pass from Mainoo and Foden v. unlucky.
England singlehandedly keeping the Irish and Scottish economies afloat with the amount of football kits they're having to buy each week
Is the final on ITV? At least Scotland will have a representative in McCoist.
Is the final on ITV? At least Scotland will have a representative in McCoist.
It is.

Well, onto the final, one less day to recover and let's face it against the best team in the tournament so far. For me it will boil down to who controls that midfield. England's box midfield v Spain's 3. Rhodri is a beast and arguably the best midfielder in the world. But Ruiz has been superb. Olmo the joint top scorer with Kane.

Morata doing the donkey work for Yamal and Williams to work the channels.

In the last final v Italy England got an early lead and then sat back and hoped to win rather than going for it. Do so again and they are toast.

I think key will also be how and when Southgate brings on the subs. Quite clear Kane is not match fit.

Would be quietly confident if it goes all the way to pens but not sure I will have any finger nails left.

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