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Exodus of Edinburgh players



Al Dickinson, Ali Strokosh and Rob Dewey have all left Edinburgh to play for Ulster.

To be honest, can't see why a)they were allowed to go, and B) why they would want to. No disrespect to Ulster, but even though you've won the league your not that much better than Edinburgh and it's not exactly a new challenge. Same league, same oppostion. I can perhaps understand Strokers and Dickinson going cause they want some more game time, and I think they should have been given it at Murrayfield. But as for Dewey, I'm rather annoyed at his attitude. Edinburgh gave him the chance to play pro-rugby, gave him his big break, he earned his first cap here, and Edinburgh have supported him through a couple of nasty injuries. And for Edinburgh's faith in Dewey, he repays Howells and co by buggering off to Ulster. A good player, who will no doubt be world class one day, but has made a rather pointless change in team. Edinburgh are a growing club. Attendences are growing, we're not doing badly in the league and bar a 2 or 3 woeful games this year, we've played some good rugby. I just hope that the brothers curruthers stump up the pennies for Howells to sign replacements.
That's strange altogether, especially Dewey. Ulster have really been spending cash lately although I can't see why they'd want Strockosh
He's been playing good rugby this year, excellent player with alot stil to come. Obviously trying to invest in future talent. Though Strokers doesn't realise the problems of moving country. If he doesn't get game time, he's snubbed Edinburgh and he'll struggle to find another high profile club.
It's just Ulster have no shortage of back row players and a full international hardly comes cheap.
Aye. I was actually wrongly informed about Stokosh. He's off to Glouscter. Which to be fair, does represent a career move. A switch in league does seem fair enough to a man with potential. With players like Hogg, Taylor, Callam and Mustchin he's gonna struggle.
Dickinson and Strokosch are both going to Glouchester actually, according to the Scotsman.

Dewey is a great signing, Ulster need a big brute in the back line to gain th hard yards, can't wait to see him in action for us.

Ulster have signed Simon Danielli as well, what do you think of him Edinburgh Gunner?

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