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Mar 1, 2006
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Full Spectrum Punch Control
Control your boxer's punches with precision and accuracy like never before with a new synergy of gameplay controls. From overhand punches to strategic counter jabs and one-punch knockouts, overwhelm your opponents with your refined skill set

Physics-Based Gameplay
Move around the ring and time your attacks with precision. Building off the best-in-class gameplay engine featured in Fight Night Round 4, you now have an even wider range of abilities when it comes to counterattacks, setting up combos, and attacking your opponent.

Legacy Mode
Create your alter ego and put him in the ring against past champions. Work your way up the ranks through training and scheduled bouts, and establish your name as the fighter to beat. Take your boxer online and see how you size up against the best in the world competing for local or worldwide belts in the all-new Fight Night Nation.

Authentic Content
Fight Night Champion showcases the truest graphical representation of the sport, lifestyle, and culture of boxing with authentic and dynamic blood, realistic body damage and deformation, and mature content throughout. Experience the violence and brutality that is true to the trade

In Stores March 1, 2011


EA Sports released a list of 54 boxers which will be featured in the game, including:(More To Be Added, Apparently)


George Foreman, Joe Frazier, Lennox Lewis, Tommy Morrison, Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, Vitali Klistchko, Wladimir Klistchko, Sonny Liston, Muhammad Ali, Cristobal Arreola, Eddie Chambers, David Haye, Butterbean


Joe Calzaghe, Chad Dawson


Marvin Hagler, Roy Jones Jr., Jake LaMotta, Carlos Monzon, Sergio Mora, Kelly Pavlik, Jermain Taylor, Winky Wright, Bernard Hopkins, Sugar Ray Leonard, Danny Jacobs, Erislandy Lara, Anthony Mundine, Fernando Vargas, Peter Manfredo Jr.


Miguel Cotto, Ricky Hatton, Thomas Hearns, Shane Mosley, Sugar Ray Robinson, Oscar De La Hoya, Tim Bradley, Jesse James Leija, Zab Judah, Kendall Holt


Emanuel Augustus, Victor Ortiz


Julio César Chávez, Diego Corrales, Manny Pacquiao, Vinny Paz, Pernell Whitaker, Roberto Duran


Yuriorkis Gamboa, Robert Guerreo, Billy Dib, Kevin Kelley


Nonito Donaire






Graphics look good on it... I have always liked the other fight night games, the physics and attention to detail are superb on them...
Im looking froward to this game, EA spend a lot of time with it, always a good series.
This should be fantastic with 2 Move controllers.
Always been a great game and this will no doubt take it to a new level !
I felt they changed the series for the worse with FNR4. The visuals went backward with some very awkward looking
bodies and likenesses. Look at De la Hoya above, not even a slight resemblance. Pacquiao still looks like a
cartoon weasel rat. Holyfield looks good. I assume thats Eric Esch....they got bald and fat right but other than that the likeness
is not there.

Also the gameplay was a poor representaion of boxing, with punches that just looked weak. It look like the guys
where rubbing each others faces. The haymaker were sluggish and weak looking too. The counter system was awful too, providing the AI with a cheap way to cheat on hard. No sliders for player faces......

Anyway, you get the point. I recently picked up FNR3 for psp in an attempt to re-capture some FN action and it certainly feels alot
more like boxing, player likeness, punch inpact, infact all the things I mentioned above are better on psp than they are on ps3.

Rant aside, Im looking forward to see if they can steer it back on track with this one. But it certainly wont be a release day purchase for the first time since KO kings 99.
It'd be nice if David Tua was in it, but he's not exactly George Foreman.
fight night is good it just needs more boxers who are champions currently not keep getting boxing legends
It'd be nice if David Tua was in it, but he's not exactly George Foreman.

It surprises me that he hasn't been in a game yet... The Americans love him and he was one of the most devastating boxers in the world a few years ago...
He was atleast in a couple of the ps2 versions, back when the series was still called Knock out kings. They had a spikey haired version
and in another iteration a bald version. One of them might have been on ps1 actually, but he has been in boxing games.
Looked at his record, lost to a dominant Lennox Lewis in the day!
yeh it was a **** fight....lewis just jabbed on the outside...
Demo is out guys, Ivehad a a brief go. It definately feels like boxing again. The punches feel
powerful and there is a nice variety including overhands. The control system has changed
a bit too.

First thing I did was just go nuts and try to overwelm my opponet (like in FNR4) I got knocked out, which is great. I'll have to use some strategy.

This may just be a release day purchase if I continue enjoying the demo.
yup been hammering the demo....and they finally got it right!..cant wait for the full version..

check out tysons overhand right!!! that cud kill sum1!

yo ceejay u on xboxlive?
yeh good demo - nice to see the controls change even though I resorted back to the default which are nearly like FNR4. The graphics are great but I can't decide if I prefer FNR4s. Much better feeling of power punching though, think this will be a day one for me.
Without a doubt a step up again in terms of gameplay, although im not sure about the damage appearing, I feel its a little slow appearing on the opponents face, I was Pacquiao and the Xbox was Cotto, I opened up on him towards the end of the first round and unleashed again in the second to the right hand side of his face, now by the end of the third after his second knock down the damage started to show, just feel for me personally swelling appears a little to late. But I am really happy with what I have seen, cannot wait for its release!
looking forward to it i just hope they release a new version of EA MMA as well
they got the haymakers right!...doesnt look as gay as fight night round 4...

and the punching is quicker..makes it look like real boxing

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