Gary Kirsten`s gone fecking bonkers....

Discussion in 'All Other Sports' started by BokMagic, Dec 5, 2007.

  1. BokMagic

    BokMagic Guest

    ... and accepted the job that Graham Ford declined. Yup, you guessed it folks, he`s accepted the hottest of hot seats in world cricket, that of head coach of the Indian national team. Just as they are about to embark on a <strike>butt kicking</strike> tour to Australia.

    For the record, Kirsten`s coaching record is pretty much non-existant. He`s never been a head coach of any first-class side in SA. In fact, the sum of his coaching experience is acting as batting consultant to the Warriors in the SA domestic comp. And under his inspirational batting guidance, the Warriors managed a single win from their 1st 5 matches in this year`s Supersport series. With not a single century scored by a Warriors batsman under his guidance.

    There has already been rumours of several senior players being pretty unhappy about this turn of events. Good luck Gazza, you`re gonna need it mate.
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  3. nam97

    nam97 Guest

    Yeah, this is a big surprise for me. In fact, I never realised Kirsten had been a coach, even still coaching India is a very demanding role and I doubt Gary has much experience. He was a great player, but this seems out of his league (although, I hope he does a great job).

    Just hope he handles the stress that comes with it, we all know what it has done to past Pakistani/Indian coaches.
  4. Yes i heard this and i thought WTF?! he is going to need some luck.India could possibly the worse job to have for a first time novice ever.You ever heard the phrase "crawl before you walk" he has ignored it and it could destroy any chances of him coaching again.

    Good luck gary.
  5. KZNSharksFan

    KZNSharksFan Guest

    Gary Kirsten is my mums cousin. Just putting that out there :rolleyes:
  6. dobrien7

    dobrien7 Guest

    Well then maybe she could talk some sense into him lol
  7. Energizer

    Energizer Guest

    Any man who captains one of those teams is crazy. They treat the game like a religion, and the players like gods, but if all goes wrong they'll burn you at the steak
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