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    This from a IMPORT REVIEW:

    The following text is based on the Japanese version of Gran Turismo 4.

    Gran Turismo 4 is in an unenviable position. It's been delayed so many times we've lost count. The online racing that was supposed to be the cornerstone of Sony's online strategy has been cut. Yet expectations remain sky high. Polyphony Digital and in particular the combination of perfectionist and auto enthusiast in its leader Kazunori Yamauchi have built a pedigree for the franchise that helps fans keep the faith while waiting for its arrival. It's still over a month away elsewhere (including North America), but that day arrived 12/28/04 in Japan. We could't wait another day to learn the fate of this legend.

    It begins with a fittingly epic intro movie. Cinematics might not have any bearing on the gameplay, but a great one, like this, has the ability to sweep the player into the game world. All the pent up anticipation gets gathered up with the images and music building together to a climactic crescendo. Finally it appears, the main menu screen to Gran Turismo 4. Almost as if they had been waiting for us (and not just the opposite) there sit the familiar offerings of arcade mode and GT World.

    Arcade does exactly as it should in wasting no time getting to the action. This is the place where right from the beginning cars with blinding speed are available. Some quick tune options allow a little pre-race custom tweaking to setup your car, but the emphasis here is on the driving, not the mods. While not every venue and car is initially unlocked, representatives from each make for plenty to get started with. Even at the start it will take a minute to decide which car to take out on for city course, real circuit, original course or dirt & snow racing.

    Out on the track a few things are immediately apparent. First and foremost is the sense of speed. A knock against previous versions, it is now one of the game's greatest strengths. Every sense gets into the act. Yes, the landscape whizzing by and tightening of the controls play a big part in that, but what really sells it is something always overlooked before: the sound of the air rushing past the car. It's amazing how convincing it makes the experience, and in Dolby Pro Logic II Surround the blast coming from the center channel and then dispersing over the satellites brings it to life. The sofa and TV melt away, and you are in the driver's seat, barreling down the road. At 350 kph in a full-on race car it's down right scary.

    Tied directly to that uncanny feeling of truly being the driver is how naturally each car moves. Gran Turismo has always been known for its realistic handling model, and it's only gotten better. Every shift of weight in the suspension can be felt. Never before have those movements been as accurately captured and relayed to the player. It also extends beyond the car communicating every nuance of the road's surface. No, they're not all smooth anymore. Think you know how it feels to race Nurburgring from other games? Wait until your car starts dancing on the bumps in the pavement at 300 kph.

    Then the realization that this is Gran Turismo comes crashing home. Despite great discussion of artificial intelligence for the drivers things are the same as they ever were. Computer controlled cars drive their lines regardless of where you may be. Wind up in that line and you will be ruthlessly knocked away like an 8-ball that's just been struck by the cue. And like those prior races, the field is again limited to 6 racers total on the track. Where other racers have upped the ante to full racing fields it remains just you and 5 opponents.

    It's hard not to be disappointed, but a nice upgrade in the graphics department does help soothe the sting. While the cars look a little nicer than last time out, they were already approaching photo-realism. The real difference can be seen in the environments -- the details in everything around the tracks are especially impressive. Forget the old blocky backgrounds. Foliage looks live, and even the spectators, while still stiff, look more like people than cardboard standees. Of course, the signature video replays return, with the optional music video stylized mode more fluid than ever. A casual observer will be convinced they are watching real racing for more than just a first glance.

    For videogaming car fans, GT World mode translates that into nirvana. Nothing can compare to the thrill of seeing yourself, driving your own car as hard as possible on the best courses around the globe. After that experience makes it real, moving up to the dream cars is all the more satisfying. The grind to get them has changed very little. From humble beginnings with a few credits to spend at used car dealerships your career will see time in every car imaginable across all corners of the globe.

    Or in this case all corners of the map that fittingly looks like the foldout for an amusement park. The attractions are the various places where you'll be spend your time. Each nationality with cars in the game has its own area. Inside are the manufacturers. There you will find their available models, factory tuning shop and in specialty races featuring their cars. Much of your time will be spent in the arenas. These are where most of the familiar race series from earlier versions are like Clubman Cup, FF Challenge and the rest. With over 650 cars in the game even with overlap from multiple versions of the same model the selection is staggering. And thanks to that there is always the hope of what will be unlocked with next race series completed.

    You will need a license to race though. The tests return also much as they were before with scores of bronze, silver and gold. While bronzes will pass, cars are awarded for completing a license with each of the ranks. Veterans know some of the most prized cars come from all golds. Unfortunately, only a very small number of players will have the combination of skill, desire and patience to achieve them. Even silvers are a significant challenge with their time requirements seemingly just beyond an experienced driver's "good" run. Each of a, b, IA, IB and S levels now features 16 events, but they are not appreciably more difficult than they have been. That is except for a single "coffee break" test added to each. These consist of diabolic cone tests. The good news is a bronze is awarded for simply doing them. Silver or gold is a whole other matter.

    Although online multiplayer did not make this version, there are still solid options for taking on human opponents. Along with the tried-and-true split-screen option is the ability to link up via LAN. Steps are already being taken by the gaming community to support play over the Net using a system similar the one used for the original Halo.

    And that's not the end of the package either. At the same time the removal of online play was announced, a new mode, B Spec, was revealed. It puts the actual driving in the computer's hands and has you acting as the racing team captain. After setting up the car, a simple set of controls allow coaching of the driver during the race. Using the directional pad you tell him how aggressively to drive on a scale of 1 to 5. For instance, approaching a tough corner it might be best back off some, whereas on an easier section you can push harder to overtake. It's a great showcase for the graphical power of the game. How much appeal it holds, however, depends a great deal on your enthusiasm for watching a race.

    The icing on the cake is photo mode, though. Any car in your garage can be taken to one of 15 locations around the world, like Times Square or the edge of the Grand Canyon and professionally posed for a high resolution picture. These shots can then be saved to your memory card, or better than that, printed out. Those USB ports on the front of your PS2 will finally see something other than the SOCOM headset plugged into them. Pictures in high resolution jpeg format can be saved to a simple USB thumb drive, or for the truly dedicated, directly printed on a compatible USB printer.

    If all this sounds overwhelming, that's because, frankly, it is. There is no arguing the appeal of online racing, but neither does its absence here prevent getting completely lost in the Gran Turismo world. Much as the second version created a benchmark for aspiring racing games, this forth entry defines the standard by which any motoring life simulation will be judged. The only words that appear during that breathtaking opening video are "The drive of your life". We agree.


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    if anyone read that whole thing or even the whole first paragraph, u should give urself a pat on the back!
  4. NZL Fan

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    Tidied up this thread - got rid of needless arguing - please keep to topic.

    Moderators remind members that any article reprinted on the forum has its original source clearly showing........
  5. ak47

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    i never knew u could hook up a ps2 and a printer via USB, and print whats on the screen

    photo mode in GT will be smashed - time to get me a good printer
  6. neh

    neh Guest

    there's another review on if anyone wants a look see
  7. Back in July I was in a situation where I could've bought the Jap version in China for 1$, but i went the modded XBOX route instead so that I could play PGR2 and Forza Motorsport(wich still isn't released) instead, when I got back home I sold the lot for almost twice what I payed, covered half my plain-ticket [​IMG]

    From what I saw in the fleamarket, GT4 looked quite impressive!
  8. Bull

    Bull Guest

    Why did you sell your Xbox?
  9. neh

    neh Guest

    wtf has it been out in japan or china or wateva since july!!
  10. ak47

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    nah man

    i think he was referring to GT3 or even the prologue edition

    GT4 never came out anywhere before 28DEC2004.

    I pre-ordered mine last night paid in full!!!!!

    Also saw Ace Combat coming soon - which is the best fighter flight sim ever.

    Will be purrrrchasing
  11. ak47

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    Australian auto power injected into GT4

    Sony Computer Entertainment Australia today announced that cars from Australian manufacturers Holden, Ford Australia and Ford Performance Vehicles (FPV), will be joining a cast of over 80 manufacturers totalling over 700 cars in the highly anticipated release of Gran Turismo4 (GT4), exclusive to PlayStation®2.
    Drivers wanting a car that is as savage as it is sophisticated will be able to enjoy the Holden Monaro CV8, the most powerful mainstream Holden ever produced.  Enthusiasts will also be able to take the Holden SS for a spin, cruising the photo realistic GT4 scenery.
    Ford fans will now also have the rare opportunity to drive the just released F6 Typhoon, FPVs first turbocharged model with over 370 Brake Horse Power (bhp), or the 2000 Ford Falcon XR8.  If that's not enough grunt, the Ford Falcon GT, with over 550bhp will also be available.
    There is no shortage of driving options. Concept cars, historical cars (going back to 1886), rally beasts, highly customised street racers with supercharges and nitrogen boosted vehicles are amongst the drivable cars in GT4. Options like the super fast Toyota 88C-V will be as close most will get to the 2.5 million dollar mid engine race car, with up to 788bhp.
    "In their pursuit to craft the ultimate racing game, the Gran Turismo series developer, Polyphony Digital, called upon local Australian businesses to assist in capturing important details on Ford and Holden.  From recording car handling, detailing specs, taking images and recording engine sounds, Polyphony's renowned perfectionism and attention to detail leaves no doubt.  GT4 will be the biggest title in the series yet," said Michael Ephraim, Managing Director, Sony Computer Entertainment Australia/New Zealand.
    The Gran Turismo franchise, which began in 1997, is the ultimate driving simulator.  Loved and revered by millions of fans the world over for its cutting edge graphics, huge diversity of vehicles and utterly compelling gameplay, the GT series has sold over 34 million copies to date.
    Feast your eyes on the first screens of the Aussie cars in action, and expect official local release details for Gran Turismo 4 in the coming weeks.
  12. wigan_rlfc

    wigan_rlfc Guest

    Hopefully there will be a Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak Version like on GT2. Its a beast.
  13. cavan

    cavan Guest games. Not a fan.
  14. How can you not like racing games? thats really awesome that the Fords and Holdens are in there.
  15. I sold my XBOX because I owed alot of money, a ticket to China from Joburg international was R6400, we extended our stay, wasted money, so when I got back I sold it for R3000, I payed about R1500(R7 a game [​IMG] ) for everything, that include a whole bunch of stuff. Covered almost half my ticket. DVD's was about R8.

    I don't know what GT4 I saw, but it looked like the real deal. I'm a big racing fan, mastered GT3 on the PS2, so I know that it defintely wasn't GT3. Looked cool when I saw spectators getting dangerously close to the action in the game, but, I made my way over to one of the other stalls and bought a XBOX the same day. PGR2 was high on the agenda, and at that satge I was looking forward to Forza motorsport.
  16. cavan

    cavan Guest

    dunno...just have never liked them. The only driving game that i've liked recently is Burnout 3 and that's not a traditional driving game at all. I dunno, i just find the GT series very boring.
  17. sanzar

    sanzar Guest

    Totally agree! Burnout 3 is just WAY more fun to play than any GT game in my opinion, but I'm not a rev head, I just wanna have fun with the games so I'm not all that worried about authenticity etc...
  18. ak47

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    u wanna have fun - dont get GT, but maybe NFS, or Burnout

    u want to get real - get GT

    no time for games with GT

    its only for the serious car fans

    i aint a car fan, but i am a fan of a real simulators

    just the fact i can buy mums/dads or my GF's car, and do it up, and feel it drive differently is awesome

    and 700 cars - that'll do me
    and the photolike visuals - yes sir
    and the tv like replays - oh yes again

    There's no disputing the only simulator known to video games is Gran Turismo
  19. No offence mate but the bottom half of your post you sound like and an advert for GT4 I hope they have my car on here doubt it though.
  20. cavan

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    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE </div>
    I only buy games for fun [​IMG]
  21. ak47

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    GT4 release date confirmed!

    Hey remember Gran Turismo 4? You know, that game you've been wanting for the past few years? That game you've been dreaming about (when you manage to get sleep because you've been so anxious you've become an insomniac) ever since you completed that last endurance race in GT3 for the 17th time? You know, the most anticipated videogame of all time? Yes? Well, guess what? It's finally coming! Sony Computer Entertainment Australia has announced that Gran Turismo 4, the latest addition to the worlds best selling console game franchise, will be on shelf in Australia on Thursday, 10 March 2005, exclusive to PlayStation 2 - that's in precisely 38 sleeps from now, for those of you who were wondering (which presumably is all of you).

    The fourth game in the acclaimed Gran Turismo franchise, GT4 is the biggest in the series yet, relying on a dual layer DVD to pack in all the features and options. Establishing a new benchmark for motor racing games, GT4 includes a range of over 50 tracks and more than 700 cars with extensive automotive tuning options. You dont even have to be the driver anymore, you can choose to be the manager and direct the artificially intelligent driver through B-Spec Mode.

    Pushing the boundaries of graphics, features and realism available on any console, Producer of GT4, Yamauchi Kazunori describes the completed real drive simulator as more than a sequel but, in fact, a redefinition of what a video game can be.

    In true Gran Turismo style, GT4 offers endless driving adrenalin. It will take gamers more than 120 days, of 24 hour non stop playing, just to sample each car on every track for only five minutes. Australians will be quick to get behind the wheel of the five cars from local manufacturers including Ford, Holden and Ford Performance Vehicles.

    The Gran Turismo franchise, which began in 1997, is loved and revered by fans the world over for its cutting edge graphics, huge diversity of vehicles and utterly compelling gameplay. The franchise has sold over 34 million copies to date, and given its track record, retailers are planning midnight openings to meet the demands of customers eagerly awaiting the launch of GT4. With endless virtual driving opportunities, theres no doubt that GT4 will be the biggest racing title to be released this year.

    It will take gamers more than 120 days, of 24 hour non stop playing, just to sample each car on every track for only five minutes.
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