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Gran Turismo 5


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Nov 25, 2010
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Any of you boys, girls, ladies, gents bought it/played it yet?

If so whats your opinion of it?

Sorry if there already is a thread about it, but I could not find one.:eek:
It's awesome. The licenses are cool and the special events are awesome too. Am loving the Top Gear track to test out all my newly bought cars and loving the very long Nordschleife track. Tried a number of disciplines on there and they seem great (karting, rally etc).

I've been playing since release and so far have got 24 cars of mixed variety. The used car section is cool (shame they are Standard models though but no biggy) and you have to keep looking in there for rare cars to come up and could miss them.

It's a big game and the physics and handling are superb. I recommend getting a good forcefeedback wheel for it because it makes it double if not more the fun. And turn off all the driving aids and that's when you can feel the big differences in each car.

The gripes;

Online still ain't working properly because the servers are overloaded - which can affect loading times even on the single player menu's (remedy - Disable Internet Access in PS settings)

The graphics are superb but not GT5 Prologue superb - Think this is cos all of Prologues cars are Premium and also Polyphony had to make sure they could get the game to run at 60fps in 1080P.

Run off areas on tracks and hit invisible walls - This does my head in a lot i.e Top Gear track - spin the car out and sail across the grass and then hit invisible barrier or Hit flimsy ribboned track boundaries and they act like brick walls. NO NEED for this at all, they could have implemented a larger run off area EASILY! Of course being a good driver then you won't have this problem but it would of been nice to see it there for when you do make big mistakes...

Damage ain't great from what I seen so far. Apparently Standard cars have dents, scratches and a bit of deformation (not really seen much of that) and Premium have doors and bonnets etc come off (not seen that yet), BUT good news is I did manage to somersault my car and land on roof (got a trophy for it too).

All in all it's an excellent nextgen Gran Turismo game with lots to do. Can't wait to play it online.
I found my copy of Gran Turismo 2 with my PS1 a few weeks ago.

I played Colin McRae 2.0 instead.
After 2 days with it, I still prefer Forza 3. It just feels right.
I was seriously hyped for this, but ended up holding off and playing Forza 3 for the evening instead. I'm waiting to try it, as there has been a fair bit of negative press / user feedback (although I'll take that with a pinch of salt as most people were expecting absolute perfection after 6 years).

Main criticisms I've read have been around the gulf in quality between premium and standard cars, the trees (seriously), and damage models. Would be keen to hear any thoughts on any of these...
I have had about 3 hours on the game...

I love it. I hardly played GT1 and GT2 etc mainly because i didnt onw a ps2 until late in the game. I got my PS3 with GT Prologue and I didnt really like that, i dont know why it just didnt really apeal to me. I got GT5 and was expecting to want to take it back. I got really into it from after it installed (I was watching the cricket while I was waiting for it so wasnt too bad) After that Picking a driver and a car then doing some of the licensing took me back to the first one i played at my mates place (which I am sure is GT1 but I cant be that sure lol) Loved trying to get a gold on every effort, so close but i think in only got 2 or 3 out of 10.

Racing was great, I am a bit disapointed at the car damge as well, so I am looking forward to getting my first Premium car and trying (not) to crash it.

Only had 3 races but they wearnt too bad, I look forward to spending many more hours infront of the tv with this. If only I can get some time to do it! :)
Now everyone else has had it for a while, can you enlighten us if it's another case of doing the same race over-and-over-and-over-and-over just to get a tiny little upgrade for a car before doing the next race?
Now everyone else has had it for a while, can you enlighten us if it's another case of doing the same race over-and-over-and-over-and-over just to get a tiny little upgrade for a car before doing the next race?

I'm sure that will be the case in some instances but I'm doing OK at moment. Plenty to do. My problem is I save some money then a nice used car comes up and I buy it even though it's not needed for a particular race - Then end up having to rerace to get my money back up.

The game is awesome though. You can overpower your cars up though so they kill opponents in A-Spec races. Most require certain cars or age of car but are usually Unrestricted so if you have the money you can soup them well above the average bhp for the race (still fun though). Sometimes you have to wait for cars to come on the Used Car market and that seems random. So for example it took me ages before I found a decent Japanese classic car (for Beginner A-Spec) to compete with.

Online is awesome too and will probably be the place I spend the most time. Just been racing CoolCorn in Lamborghini Gallardo's on Top Gear track and he does like cutting up the hammerhead :p Good races indeed...

But if you don't want rerace all the time in single player then you'll have to plan ahead instead of buying any old car. One A-Spec group has a Lamborghini Gallardo Challenge (Gallardo's only) and an Italian Supercar Race (any Italian supercar) - So buy a Gallardo to kill 2 birds with one stone as you can use the car in both races. But it's SOOO difficult not to buy cars once you have the cash and see something you like heh.
Coolcorn8=TheBokke. Yeah man those were some awesome races lol!! Have not laughed over a game like that in awhile. I am a complete noob at racers but had alot of fun. I was really torn about getting this as I am not a racing fan, but I think I will really get into this. Online is where it's at and will be endless fun with mates. Setting up a lounge and changing from one race to the next is a breeze! Really impressed.

Did Ruff mention he never beat me today :)
Haha Bokke the only way I'm gonna beat you is if I buy a tank :p

Highlight for me was the last race on Top Gear track and we both went thru the follow-through bout 135mph with Bokke in front and I lost my ass end and spun the wide end of runway and just as Bokke was cornering into the penultimate bend (bacarach) I met him going backwards (still doing bout 60mph and out of control), nearly got a bumper kiss ;)
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yup some good games lol. Never stops me bursting out laughing watching you spin wildly out of control around corners lol lol. You did give me a few beatings last night though. F+cking Phiat 500, never again!! I want the seven minutes(felt like two years) of my life back.

Hey, appparently there is an option you can turn on that if you bump your opponent they get a time penalty, that should provide soome serious racing.

However it is alot of fun but we need a couple more racers for a laugh.
Just bought it. and have´nt played it that much to make an opinion about it yet. But it look great so far
I havnt even turned my playstation on in about a week, and i am getting serious withdrawl. (will be a week tomorrow!)

I have been so flat out at work (instead of doing 9-4 days its been 8-9pm days o_O) when i get home i am too tired and during last weekend i was away in chch for an early xmas.

this week is going to be pretty much the same until thursday, then i will pick up the game again and give it a good blast, lookin at buyin a steering wheel on boxing day as well :)
lookin at buyin a steering wheel on boxing day as well :)

Best plan ever. Make sure to get a forcefeedback wheel instead of the vibration only ones. A good startout wheel is a Logitech Driving Force GT and in UK are about £80.

Using a wheel TOTALLY changes the GT experience. Once you get the wheel you'll see what I mean. A pad is literally useless compared to it as you miss how the game is suppose to be felt with all the shaking vibration and feedback etc. I can't stress enough that if you own GT5 then get a wheel.
Unfortuantly i didnt buy the wheel, i ended up buying a aver HDMI Capture card for my PC. I have turned my PC into a media centre which is cool (always wanted one, just need to get a more stylish looking case and some quietr fans).

Anyway i can now capture HD content from the playstation, Ill try get a chance to have a race tonight and capture it, though none of my racings seam to be as exciting as you guys.

I am still only doing single player, trying to get the trophies eh.
It's a fun romp - I'm having trouble finding decent cars for races but I guess that's part of the package...

Really would like a wheel but!

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