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Gran Turismo 5



Rumours of a September 25th release but it should definitely be here before the end of the year. Do any of you guys play the Prologue?

Online multiplayer is crap but I do a lot of time trialling for the Leaderboards. At the moment I only have times on Eiger Nordwand but it's for quite a number of cars. My best to date is 11th place with a TVR Tuscan but alot of my times are in the Top 30 and all in the Top 100. I'm trying to get into the Top 10 as then it uploads your lap so people can view replay or use it as a ghost car. I'm nearly there with the Tuscan ;) Thought I'd bring this topic up as Polyphony reckon they can release the game any day now.

If anyones interested in time trialling then here's a Leaderboard with all cars and tracks you can filter. It's quicker reference than sparking up the game and looking for the lead times. It updates every half hour.

Just select car type and track to see the records.


Cannot wait for the full version to come out and really hope its next month.
Just got 7th place in a TVR Tamora on Eiger Nordwand and my ghost lap is there to beat now :) Any TRF challengers?
i got the ps3 with the GT5 prologue game (thought it would be cool) got bored of it fast and most probably wont get this game when it comes out :)

but I could still get persuaded in getting it, though Cricket is No1 atm
I wont be getting Gran Turismo again until crash damage is uncluded for all cars.

I used to love it back in the day, even had a steering wheel. But its just the same old once you get over the the gorgeous visuals your back to boucning of walls. This game is in need of some excitment and risk which would come along with being able to wreck your car. For one youd have to stop boucning of walls for wasy wins and have to pay huge repair bills for your car.

Ive heard that they are maybe including damage for some cars. I think they just mean bumps and bruises. Anything more complex would complicate the geometry and compromise the visuals they are so famous for.

I probably wont even rent it.
I totally agree with you on the damage. GRID altho arcadey is immense because you can write off the car at any time and it always feels sketchy driving in a race. But GT5 is a stonker of a game in Time Trial mode. I too was pretty much disappointed when I bought it and was disgusted with online play. But I just kept on the time trialling which gave the game a new lease of life for me. They are working on damage tho and they also have a couple of licenses (WRC Rally etc, NASCAR). So the game is gonna be immense I'm sure :)

Bit of damage from the new trailer...


I can understand you guys slugging the Prologue tho cos once the novelty of the graphics wear out you're left with a what now feeling? I wrote a user review on Gamespot a while ago addressing this


I gave the game 6/10 but I'm sure the full game will get a 10/10 from me :)
Yeh I'm hoping its a Sept 25th release date cos I know the slimline PS3s are out in early Sept. Not holding my breath tho. Can't wait for the Top Gear track, Dunsfold Park. That will be fun trying to beat the Leaderboards on that track in the reasonably priced car :p
Looks utterley incredible. Far beyond Forza for XBox (although I loves that game too)

Shame I dont have a console to play it on :%#%#: :%#%#:
Not comparing apples with apples using the older xbox game instead of the latest Forza, but this does give an idea of the steps taken visually with GT5.

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Let's see if it come up to scratch gameplay wise - I.E. more like GT1 then GT3
GT is a great game, i still play the PS2 game.. it's great. I used to play some of the F1 games, and in that you had damage. probably the best game i ever played was Destrution derby, and it's the damage that makes the game. If GT had that, it'd be unbeatable.
This is quite a good tech demo; Play both videos at the same time to see the difference between GT4 on PS2 (Which in fairness, still looks outstanding) and GT5 on PS3. Near identical cars on the same track.

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Pretty - Can't take that away from it.
That comparison video is incredible, GT5 could easily be mistaken for a video on there,
Hopefully Forza3 is similar to that (i've got a 360 not a ps3)
Both quality games in their own right

I’ll get GT if Forza 3 leaves me wanting

I much prefer the GT single player campaign, than Forzas, but Forza online is absolutely epic.

I wont believe GT will be released until about 1 week until its meant to
Some great vids there. That old Forza looks pretty cool too fairplay.

Well half expecting a Sept 25th release date on GT5 I finally bought the G25 steering wheel, pedals and 6 shifter with clutch :) Today I find out that Polyphony at last have an official RELEASE DATE for GT5. It's out in fooking March 2010 in Japan!!! With Euro/US versions following a month or so after. Fooking GUTTED.

However, if anybody's been thinking bout getting the G25 then DO IT. It's absolutely awesome, believe all the hype it gets. I've had a couple of different wheels before for racing games but this thing is untrue. The forcefeedback is major strong and you're fighting to keep the cars on track when yer caning it round corners. And you have 4 options for gear changes; flappy paddle shifts on the wheel, a 6 speed H shifter that supports clutch or you can semi automatic H shift with push down reverse and finally you can lock the gear stick for sequential gearing (up/down motion shifting). Super easy to steer yerself into a hard corner, shift down, a blim of handbrake and left foot braking then throttle on while dumping the clutch and it feels great heheh... Thats only really applicable to GT5 Prologue and Live For Speed on the PC as they fully support the kit. All in all if you're a big kid like me and into racing then you gotta get one. GT5 feels like a completely new game and now it's a lot easier...
Some great new screenshots and some with the menu system so it looks like the game is pretty much ready. Why don't they release it for Christmas :huh:


Looks amazing.

A pic of my setup ready for it too ;) You gotta get the setup :p

On the 17th of this month the GT Academy demo is coming out and the top 20 people from each country will goto a final somewhere in Europe to fight it out and the top person from each country gets to goto the Academy. The competition runs from 17th Dec 09 - 24th Jan 2010. The academy demo is standalone and you wont need Prologue to run it. But I have heard it's not as nice looking as GT5P, but of course the final GT5 will be.

The comp is on a section of the Indy GP track and you have to put a lap time with a 370Z road car and a 370Z tuned car and your total times are combined then. Should be fun.

Also for those of you into Top Gear in the latest E3 trailer for GT5 theres an LMP car racing on what could very well be Dunsfold Park.


It's deffo a runway but it dont look like a busy airport and those 2 huts in the backround look familiar :)
I've heard that the game is actually finished, it's just a case of the director's perfectionism slowing everything right down.
Yeh that Yamauchi guy is finnicky, they have a weather model for it but the guy don't know whether to include it cos he ain't sure if it's realistic enough. UK/Europe release date is sposed to be Summer now!

Over 1000 cars all with exterior damage and there'll be 180 cars with interior visual damage.

It must be ready like you said but I ain't waiting till Summer, gonna have to import it in March I reckon and google the Japanese translations for the menus :p

I'm gonna trash all of Stigs records heh...

Oh yeh I forgot to mention it's also been confirmed that it will have Head Tracking as long as you have a Playstation Eye. Which will be cool

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