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Gran Turismo 5

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I've heard that the game is actually finished, it's just a case of the director's perfectionism slowing everything right down.[/b]

That would certainly explain why every Gran Turismo since the PS2 incarnations have had their heads firmly wedged up their own rectums.
GT Academy demo is out and **** its hard! To weed out the arcade sofa fatties like myself from qualifying they have put it on PRO Physics and it's realistic but SOLID! My best time so far is a 1'45.155 in the tuned 370Z version and online record at mo is a 1'37 odd. And in the road 370Z version they have put N3 tyres on which are **** and makes the car slidey as ****. So I ain't been assed to complete a lap in that yet.

I can see the guy that won it last year, Lucas Ordonez, has just gone into 3rd place with a 1'37 odd.
delayed until furthur notice
amazing epic fail
with good reason i have a ps3 specifially for GT and God of War......
both games have failed to see the light of day, signature sony ***les, ps3 is what about 3 years old no or even more?
i think they should have released GT for what it was, on launch and then released this mamoth mac don delayed ***le as the nex edition
These little interim demo's or prologues can get completely rooted - what a cash grab this is churning into
FFS!!! blowing up!!
Also GT5 is basically the same cars with different liveries their then given a diff name which is why they claim so many cars in the game.

Wayne, it's never going to happen, live in the now!

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I was hanging out for a good racing game a while back
NFS gave me the fix I needed. Bloody good game for an NFS ***le

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