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[Rockstar] Grand Theft Auto V


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Jun 18, 2010
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For many years people have been waiting for a worthy successor of GTA: San Andreas. Rockstar Games released several games since then and now it seems they have made the perfect game by combining the best of all. The map is bigger than Red Dead Redemption, GTA IV and GTA: San Andreas combined, we see the facial details of LA Noire, the distant detail drawing of Red Dead Redemption and more vehicles to use than in any other GTA-game before. You play with 3 different characters and the landscape is so massive, you can even fly to certain destinations.

Anyone else who is excited about this??? I cannot wait for this game to come out!

Earlier this year, we saw the first trailer of the new game:


Today the second trailer was released by Rockstar Games.





Definitely looking promising.
Was disappointed with GTAIV, so I'm keen to see how this goes, without raising my hopes too much....

Wonder how they'll implement the three characters? Will they switch for certain missions, will you play through blocks of the game as each or will two be NPC?
When looking at LA Noire, you see several missions are connected in a way. In an interview with some Rockstar-developers, they said that some missions with the 3 characters can be played with each of them. Before the mission starts, they talk over the gameplan and you can pick who you want to control during the mission. Other missions are with 2 chars or just 1.
I missed taking a flying tractor down to the countryside on a police chase in which I could Falcon Punch anyone who messed with me, while a riot took place. Man San Andreas had some great cheats.
I don't have an eggs-box... I play on my PS3
The only reason I decided to buy a PS3 in stead of an Xbox was the release of God of War III. That game was PS-exclusive and I really wanted to play that game after having enjoyed the previous ones. I never talk bad about the Xbox, the only thing I don't like about the Xbox is the design of the controller. The left-stick is too far apart from the right-stick.

But I am not going to buy an Xbox just to be able to connect with Draggs ;)

And my eggs box remark will be explained here:

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Yeah, switching from PS2 to 360 was a weird transition, but the controller is pretty comfortable now.
Was considering a PS3 before the 360 to play AFL. Damn near everybody I know uses a 360 now (or PC).
Yeah, switching from PS2 to 360 was a weird transition, but the controller is pretty comfortable now.
Was considering a PS3 before the 360 to play AFL. Damn near everybody I know uses a 360 now (or PC).

Well, that was also a big reason for me to consider. My brother, uncle and several friends have a PS3, while I only know 1 person with an Xbox. It's just much easier this way so we can exchange games and play online together. It's just sad I am completely seperated from my TRF buddies when gaming :(
I used to own both. I sold the PS3 and haven't missed it once - Not a single exclusive ***le on it which makes me think makes me think otherwise.
While PS3 and 360 users throw stones, PC users look down and laugh. ;)

Just like Linux users compared to Windows-OS X operators.

God damn do I dislike OS X. If I wanted to feel like a child I'd pull out the old Gameboy.
Linux users generally dont look down and laugh on Windows / OSx users tbh as most people who use Linux also have a windows PC.. I currently run Ubuntu + win 7 ulti on laptop, and Mint + Win 8 Pro on desktop (changing desktop to Ubuntu soon though) As I need linux as the amount of freeware options for specialist software is there compared to Windows..

Anyways Ontopic will likely get this for 360 tbh.. Ps3 is alright and all but generally just use it for NCAA 13 these days.. as imports wont work on UK 360 :/
I was more referring to them laughing at the bickering between Windows and Apple OS.

You like Mint? I need Windows to for school and everything, but am thinking of switching to Mint soon, once I can get a copy of XP to virtualise.
Once I have a bit more dosh to float around, I plan on building a computer with a triple Linux-Windows-OS X boot just to laugh at everybody.

If I get the hang of Mint, then I might try to work my way up, hopefully to Arch.
It'll be released on cruddy out of date consoles (read X-Box 360 and PS3), while the PC release will be delayed by years if lucky, or not at all like Red Dead Redemption (still want to play that game!). I really like the look of this game after the disappointment of GTA IV. Not sure I played more than 5 hours of that after finally getting it, the initial missions are so boring, and messing about wasn't as fun as it was in previous releases. This is going back to the winning formula of GTA: SA.

I hope they improve the driving experience though. It's always felt so awkward which is a pity, because it's also one of the funnest things to do. I'm not expecting dedicated driving game quality, but something a little more responsive would be nice, which varies nicely between cars.
Never liked or played any of the GTA games, this wont change
Mint's good its a "lightweight" OS so can run on pretty much any PC (saying that the same is for most Linux distro's) I just prefer Ubuntu though as its what we use at uni so am used to the layout more and where to find things.

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