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Cant wait. I just got a PS3.

Sad that Rugby 08 isnt coming out on it though, I assumed it would.
absolutely cannot wait for this one, the only decision is which format to play it on
This game is chronically delayed now - people saying March 08. I HAD a link, but now i dont :p its on the net, believe me. Its not heresay
Still stinks though, wish they wouldn't name dates that are ridiculously earlier than what they really intend...
the ps3's development protocols caused the delay

as quaoted by rockstar themselves

it is for the better

but if it wasnt dual listed on both machine for no exclusivety - the xbox360 version would come on time.

they must release same time........hence if they are late on the sony template - the domino effect rolls onto the others

heck table tennis on x360 was made as a stepping stone for developing the presentation and looks of GTA:IV - its ready to roll on X360, but the ps3, and now we all gotto wait
its a hard call to make

tiger woods, fnr3, rainbow 6 vegas - all look better on x360 according to reviews

i may have both systems by 2008, so really just hurry the thing up
I heard a rumour the delay is Rockstars swipe at censorship in the States that means Manhunt 2 can't be sold unless it's in a R18 sectioned off part of stores. They are pretty much holding GTA4 back until Manhunt can be sold normally, then GTA4 can come out, just a rumour I've heard.
Another rumour I read somewhere said the delay was because they were having trouble fitting the game data on the Xbox 360 disc.
yah i heard that one too ^. they normally push the limits of the discs/processors in the machine so, i guess the wait will be for the best
Will there any noticeable differnce between them? Any exclusive stuff for the PS3/Xbox360?
I believe 360 is going to have the exclusive material through their marketplace...

but obviously at a cost...

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