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Gta v

oh dear bombing it round in a fiat punto hitting innocent passer by's with my hurley. probably called Anto with your girlfriend brih-ney
I think Chicago would be very similar to GTA 3. It's not that it isn't a different city, it's just that it has pretty much all the elements of New York. i would have loved them to do a European city as well.

I'd love a GTA: Wellington, where the climactic final mission would be robbing a dairy in Ngaio after graffiting a house in Churton Park.

Aside from tall buildings there really isn't much to compare between the two cities, believe me, I live in one and have been to the other. A creative approach can do wonders with Chicago.
I would have quite liked something like Hong Kong or Shanghai. The cities could have had a completely different feel to it.
I hope we have an add-on afterwards that consists of some retro theme. Like we had with GTA London 1969
Was kinda hoping for all three cities, but oh well, I'm sure it'll be great all the same.:D
I love how that made the news and they're all like "We have no idea how it got on the road"

It's a town almost entirely populated by students, how do you think it got there :lol:
Hopefully it doesn't fail as bad as Gta IV because I had very high hopes for that and it flopped. Don't want to get my hopes up for this one especially since it's not released for another year. I'd be happy if they just went back to the same gameplay as San Andreas, the main character went from a cool black dude who could hit the gym and learn new fighting techniques to some fat dude who was boring as hell. Optional characters would be a nice option, giving different storylines. Anyone know what timeline the games based in? 90's? 2000's?
I cannot wait this version more.this version will break the records of the millions of copies and lovers will rush towards this game and this game and this is going to release in the next year soon.The trailer is nice.

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