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graphical bugs



hi everyone,

i've recently discovered this great forum, and i was thinking that maybe you could help me.
i have finally bought rugby 2005, but i can't play it !!
i have the last drivers for my VGA card (abit siluro geforce2MX) and the last version of directx, but when i launch the training, it's absolutely impossible to play, as i can barely see the player who has the ball, and i just see white and green pixels around him...

please, could you help me ?

thanks in advance (and excuse me for my english)
damn ! i really tried a lot of things (uninstall/reinstall drivers, etc...) but the game still doesn't work.
could someone be of any help ?
thanks !
There are some very knowledgable people on the forum, but you need to describe your system and exact problem a lot better for them to be able to help.
i've fixed the problem : i've found a more recent driver from nvidia's website (i used to search my drivers in the abit website). woohoo !!
thanks anyway.

see you soon
I don't know if this would be considered either a graphical problem or just plain f***ing stupid. When you get into Create-A-Player there is a picture of Jason Robinson, behind Robinson is the Telstra Dome in Melbourne. The only problem is it's an AFL game with the four posts and everything. Blah!

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