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    ‘Forward Pass’ is a brand new free monthly e-newsletter that aims to provide a voice to rugby players and supporters at the grass-roots level.

    Click below and please leave your email:

    Over the coming months, we'll be delivering fans:

    • The best news and opinions from The Rugby Blog
    • Coverage of the grass-roots game
    • Competitions
    • Special features
    • Guest writers
    • Opinion polls
    • Exclusive special offers for subscribers
    • The opportunity to be heard by the rest of the

    rugby community.

    Please take a few minutes & help us raise awareness of the newsletter in the rugby community.

    Send the above link to all your Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail and Outlook contacts, tell them to subscribe and ask them to send it onto their friends too.

    It’s not called Forward Pass for nothing you know…click FORWARD and PASS this on to all your friends NOW!

    Thanks for your efforts.

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