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I personally thought Lost and Damned was a marked improvement on GTAIV. If the same method is applied, this should be particularly special.
Personally, I've never found any GTA spin-off to be special. Then again, the main series has been on a downward curve since it's debut on the PS2, in my opinion.
I wouldn't say a downward curve Speedy, but a change of emphasis.

GTA3 on PS2 was perfect. Fantastic new 3D world etc etc, but not only that it was HYSTERICAL. Great characters, good plot, funny missions. Vice City was exactly the same. San Andreas was a bit darker but the characters were likeable enough and the missions were generally brilliant.

Enter the PSP. Liberty City Stories was, again, hysterically funny. Vice City Stories was poor. Technically excellent, but the story was dismally dark and depressing. I play GTA games to laugh and have fun, not mope.

Which brings me onto GTA4. Technically it could legitimately claim to be the game of the decade and I wouldn't begrude it that. Technologically it is an outstanding achievement. But where's the fun? Taking someone out for a date isn't fun. Choosing to let someone live or die isn't fun. Flying remote controlled helicopters into builders wielding spanners is fun. Shooting someone's head clean off and blood spurting out of their head is fun.

Where's the fun in GTA4? There is none. It's stony faced serious. There's occasional comedy relief from Roman and Bernie, but it's short lived. VERY short lived. I'm told TLATD is a bit more light hearted. I hope so. GTA: Chinatown Wars is a masterpiece of a game. Witty, funny and varied missions. But it's not sold well. I fear seriousness is here to stay.
Agreed on the seriousness issue. GTA4 lacked the cheat codes which brought no end of giggles on the PS2 games, and also, gore. Simply put, I find no satisfaction in launching a rocket at a crowd of pedestrians if they don't explode into several limbs...

Mind you, the ragdoll physics in GTA4 was spot on. If they could implement the above factors and the same physics into GTA5 then I'll be content.
I really dont have more to say other than Saints Row 2 managed to be a better GTA game than GTA4.

Fun > Seriousness.

Will still probably pick up these expansions when they hit disc mind. As it's a standalone ***le, it'll probably be a seperate 1000 gamerscore.
I still think Lost and Damned was awesome.

But then again I drink in a bikers pub. So I would.
I would DL it but I think it's a bit steep. It did review very well though.
can i get this and play without original GTA
i traded GTA back in months ago, and have as consequence prevented access to this DLC

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