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Hec 2005/2006

Originally posted by An Tarbh@Oct 22 2005, 09:48 PM
but they proved last season that league form doesn't matter a damn when it comes to the cup competitions.
Also Bath in 2002/2003 I think, were awlful in the league but won 6 from 6 in their poo and qualified to the quarters. League form can't always be used when judging cup games.
Originally posted by saintsfan24_7@Oct 22 2005, 11:41 AM
Yeah, but have you seen there stats in the GP?? They haven't won a single game yet, only gaining a losing bonus point. And with Justin Marshall in their side I'm suprised.

Il go with SFW's prediction, but its only just hot me how harsh it is not to be included in the HC for the first time in 6 years
OK point taken, certainly looks like a dismal performance today in Wales with Cardiff coming away with a bonus point win, and even better news for the Blues with Perpignan failing to pick up a bonus point in their win over Calvisano.
The Toulouse - Llanelli was a bit boring with the uncontested scrums and Llanelli not struggling.
i thought some of the attacking phases and turn overs by both teams made it a highly entertaining game i really enjoyed the battle between maka and popham.

and mike phillips owned marshall in the blues vs tykes game.
Latest in Leinster:

Leinster 13 - 9(13 - 9) Bath L
F Contepomi
F Contepomi Pens:O Barkley 3
F Contepomi
F Contepomi

Good old Felipe, full house already. He loves tormenting Bath

Leicester look serious as do Toulouse, both their pools along with Wasps and Stade will be very interesting. The four strongest teams in just two pools.
Nigel Whitehouse is taking the f***ing **** in this game, he doesn't even know the f***ing laws, since when was a deliberate knock on only penalised with a scrum, since when do closeline tackles not get a yellow card, since when does the attacking team with advanatge losing posession mean advantage over. f***wit, trying to compete with Spreadbury for his incompetence.
Barkley takes more than the customary few feet in moving the penalty forward, yet this prick Whitehouse lets him away with it.
Thank you very much Nigel Shitehouse.

Definite work to be done for Leinster, they should have put Bath away tonight but I hope that Welsh prick gets food poisoning in the post match meal.

Too many mistakes in the lineout, work has to be done there. Bring back Shane Byrne, can't always blame the hooker.
Originally posted by loratadine@Oct 23 2005, 04:49 PM
yes wasps loosing and ospreys winning against stade.
Let me tell you how happy everyone was at Murrayfield tonight, felt great winding up the wasps fans.
Fair play to Edinburgh, I thought they'd get stuffed. Strange to see the Ospereys going from needing a dodgy penalty to beat Connacht to beating Stade Francais.
Originally posted by el_tk@Oct 23 2005, 05:44 PM
Fair play to Edinburgh, I thought they'd get stuffed. Strange to see the Ospereys going from needing a dodgy penalty to beat Connacht to beating Stade Francais.
I think some of the players thought they were in for a doing aswell cause we were slow to start but once it was 13-13 they got some belief in them that they could do something and that was the turning point. My throat is very hoarse from yelling at the game though.
Well done all the home teams today, showing the worth of away victories.

Toulouse and Leicester will definitely go into the away games versus Ospreys and Gunners more determined now.

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