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Heineken Cup 2022/23: Semi Finals

French directors really are farcical. The rules need to be changed to ensure the footage is not controlled by such partisan people.
Commentators: These fans are salt of the earth, true rugby people

The fans: Booing and jeering a badly injured player
Chiefs not doing as badly as expected vs the La Rochelle pack but that scrum is such a massive mismatch it makes everything else irrelevant
This is going pretty much as expected...the team who has been caught out in the wide chanels all season vs a team who offload like this.

A team who has has been weak at the breakdown all season vs this team who attack it alot.

And they are massive.

We have made stupid mistakes and giving them more chances but i think they'd be leading either way. We are putting more of a fight than the scoreboard suggests IMO.
Absolutely pin perfect

The gamble on Becconsall didn't pay off, he had a bad day at the office

Edit: Ok seeing 2mins of their replacement 9 I see why Becconsall got the nod
Exeter not in this at all. It's pretty poor that weaknesses that have been there all year have not been dealt with.
Guaranteed try for Simmonds then if he didn't flap about like a fish out of water after the tap tackle.
La Rochelles offloading game is crazy, 1-15 they're all at it
Would love to see the stats, I wouldn't bet against them having both the most offloads and the highest completion rate
Literally zero effect on the maul, so soft/stupid to give away
Poor enough weekend, in excitement terms, for the neutral with both games not competitive at all, but sets up a massive final, can't wait for it
7 points between them on the handicap betting. Tighter than that for me.
7 points between them on the handicap betting. Tighter than that for me.
Yeah, I know it's in Dublin but I find it hard not to have it as a 50/50 or LaR to be slight favourites after the weekend. And with no Johnny I don't see us scoring that many points, Ross was fine at best against 15 players on Saturday, same with Leinster overall.

Need a new competition format ASAP, two of the last three games of the comp being repeats of last year and involving three of the same four teams is pretty underwhelming for neutrals I'm sure. That said the final should be as intense as it comes.
Leinster are favorites since they play at home, but La Rochelle have always taken over Leinster, it is an important psychological factor.

The participation of South African clubs is an anomaly for European rugby, they must be sent back to super rugby.

It will be a very big final...