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Heineken Cup 2022/23: Semi Finals

It didn't get him anything there but Porter just counterrucked three players at once.

Try looked inevitable there.
Last week they moved DuPont to the "best player put him somewhere in the backs role 8 minutes in" without any injuries and I'm starting to think their coach has lost the plot. Their academy and recruitment just gives them such a floor he can't screw it up that much.
Several suspect clear out from JR looked to hit Willis with his forearm there.
Pretty poor penalty, end result is Toulouse only really made 10-15m
So dumb,
Jvdf is probably carded if he doesn't duck, instead he ducks and headbutts and gets a very generous yellow instead
The idea of giving a player a yellow when you aren't sure if it is yellow/red and then letting an external team review it during the yellow card period to determine if it should then become a red could be a good way forward to resolve these without taking up a lot of the game time.

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