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Heroes Season 3



I've been watching the latest episodes of Heroes and it's been awesome and alot of the effects they use are top notch and look very beleivable. There are alot of new characters they're bringing into it but at times it can be a bit confusing trying to keep up with all the different stories.

My personal favourite now is Sylar because he steals peoples abilities and knows how to use them properly not like useless Peter Petrelli who has yet again learnt new powers only to f$#@! lose them again he's a shocker that boy is. Claire sucks all she does is complain and cry but her biological mothers hot but fires a stink power can't really do no good with that. I like Hiro just wish that he'd at least go into the ladies toilets or do something bad instead of playing Mr nice guy all the time lol.

I'm 6 episodes in and can't flippin wait for the next one to see if (possible spoiler)highlight to see ----> Peter Petrelli gets his ass kicked by his supposedly dead father who took his powers or if Peters brother Sylar/Gabrielle comes along and saves the day.
yeah I am loving it as well, only seen the first five. I am too enjoying sylar, they have done something decent with his character.

HRG is starting to annoy me though, as well as claire. Kinda bumbed how they changed niki/jessica to that new bird, just doesnt seam right.

Also i think i missed an episode last season, id ont know how that happened, but did nathan and his wife break up? what happened to their kids. Last think i remember was she was walking.
I've got all of season 1 & 2 but I don't think they ever showed what happened to Nathan and his Mrs I think it might of been around the time all the Hollywood writers were on strike so maybe they just forgot about it. Yeah Linderman healed her and than she walked again but can't remember what happened after that.

I like how they've used the matrix type effect and kinda taken it to another level I so wanna have powers but not destructive powers just things like strength, speed or even flying that'll be the best I'd fly all over the place. Sucks that it's not even on TV here yet we're always behind but were only a few weeks behind in Terminator Sarah Connor chronicles.
It's certainly much better than Season 2 thus far.

I heard that because of the writers strike they had time to rethink the story a bit, that might be why I'm liking it so much.
I mean I love Heroes, but Season 2 was a bit ... "meh" near the end.

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