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I love everything



Except Christmas.

Last Saturday I had my Xbox 360, my TV and my Stereo stolen from my new house...

People are ****.
Not the most ideal thread to say welcome back Kaffa

Thats ruff man..........i hope u can get it back in some way - insurance, or thru coppers what not.
No insurance. Literally moved in days beforehand... Cops are my only chance... So basically theres no chance of getting it back.. Ah well.

So uh, hey, whats up with you guys? Long time no speak.
Not really... I'm more gutted that some sick f*** would break into my home than the stuff they took...

Other than that things are going well though... I'm in a band.. Our songwriter (my flatmate) is kind of emo though so our original songs are particularly ****... We do a mean wanky version of Killing in the Name though. I sing it... Can't imagine that song with a female singer.

Blog blog blog...
Are your Jandals missing?
Is your dog pregnant?

An old joke but you have to start somewhere, not a good start to christmas Kafta - fingers crossed they find your stuff
king kaftka reigns TRF again :)

I see the temptation set in and you came crawling back for more of my sweet sweet candy ;)
Hey Dude

Great to see you back, but thats f***ing ****... if you catch the c*** that did it, break his neck and **** down his throat...