ICC Champions Trophy Fixtures

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  1. September

    10 England v Zimbabwe, Edgbaston
    10 New Zealand v USA, The Oval
    11 India v Kenya, The Rose Bowl
    12 South Africa v Bangladesh, Edgbaston
    13 Australia v USA, The Rose Bowl
    14 Pakistan v Kenya, Edgbaston
    14 Sri Lanka v Zimbabwe, The Oval
    15 West Indies v Bangladesh, The Rose Bowl
    16 Australia v New Zealand, The Oval
    17 Sri Lanka v England, The Rose Bowl
    18 South Africa v West Indies, The Oval
    19 India v Pakistan, Edgbaston

    21 SF1 (Winner Group A v Winner Group D), Edgbaston
    22 SF2 (Winner Group B v Winner Group C), The Rose Bowl

    25 Final, The Oval
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  3. An Tarbh

    An Tarbh Guest

    Is this like a mini world cup or is it a money making venture for the ICC?
  4. It's just an international tournament really - I suppose it's sort of a mini world cup. It will be a good tournament to watch though.
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