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  1. greetings trf,

    thought i'd share some crap that i took yesterday from day 2 of the sevens.
    was a gorgeous day in los angeles and i saw some great rugby.

    apparently this happened before i arrived:

    BOWL Quarterfinals
    Kenya 07 v Scotland 21
    Samoa 52 v West indies --
    Tonga 55 v Mexico –
    Uruguay 24 v USA 19

    well, i arrived at the kickoff of the uruguay v usa match, and, not taking anything away from uruguay, the usa reinvented dogshit in terms of rugby. near enough all day. very disappointing, even for a young team.

    maybe if guns weren't so prevalent in this country, our team might just stop shooting themselves in the foot at any given chance.
    CUP Quarterfinals
    England 19 v Argentina 15
    establishing shot: the Home Depot Center facing the west stand.
    a truly fantastic venue, not a bad seat in the house (27,000). no idea as to how many were there yesterday, but definitely a good crowd throughout the day.
    everyone moving around to avoid roasting in the sun. outstanding atmosphere, mostly populated with islanders.

    argies on the attack in a really close match. they would have won had england not held them up in the tryzone when the last hooter cacked off.

    South Africa 26 v Australia 05

    New Zealand 45 v Canada --

    Fiji 29 v France 05

    SHIELD Semifinal
    Kenya 38 v West Indies 05
    my face started melting so we went to the south stand.

    Mexico -- v USA 33
    no photos.
    not an entirely solid display by the usa but we got the result. todd clever should have been shown a red card for swinging at all things mexican at a ruck. then again, i thought he played like a thug all day.

    we need a game plan, one that involves a plan.

    BOWL Semifinal
    Scotland 26 v Samoa 21
    sitting cool in the west stand now.
    great match. scots came back.

    Tonga 45 v Uruguay 07

    PLATE Semifinal
    Argentina 19 v Australia 12
    an ugly close match, not a whole lot of running, but solid.

    Canada 14 v France 20
    heartbreaker. (only cause i was sat next to a nice guy who was from 'up there')

    CUP Semifinal
    England 40 v South Africa --
    was also sat next to a cool south african. we both were in shock.
    this is when we thought, "maybe england actually came to play"

    New Zealand 17 v Fiji 22
    nz try
    fiji break
    this one went into extra time, with fiji dotting down a sudden death try. tight match, great stuff.

    and now, the finals.

    will be in the next post . . .
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  3. the finals.

    Kenya 26 v USA 12
    kenyan fans in the east stand going nuts and rightfully so.

    Scotland 26 v Tonga 21
    early tongan try.
    another match that went into extra time, scotland playing out of their skulls to come back from 14 points down. great match, had everyone on their feet.

    Argentina 21 v France 05
    ole, ole ole ole, pumas, pu-umas.

    England 38 v Fiji 05
    rugby or an orgy? rorgy.

    white fist in the air means england are doing something good.
    i think that's THE Serevi (older than yoda but he's still got it) getting mowed.

    dave seymour getting absolutely shat-ended in a lineout.

    the final was jaw droppingly unexpected. england did not jack around.
    david strettle, a pasty faced white boy (and, according to england sevens coach mike friday on the rfu website: most likely will be with a premiership club next year), burned fiji with his pace. it was brilliant.


    great tournament. fantastic venue. lovely beer.

    but here's some more crap:

    the west stand during one of the finals.

    kiwi sentiments in the east stand.

    could this be CHIRO dancing? and then grinding on the stairwell banister and taking the focus away from the skinny white cheerleaders on the pitch?

    my best friend ('dude', or 'mongrel') and the good captain.
  4. getofmeland

    getofmeland Guest

    Cool Pics Captain....

    Did you have a good day out???
  5. Some nice action shots in there cap.

    Did you get to see much of England play, and in particular how did a guy called Andy Vilk go? He's a Saints lad and his speed seems to have improved a lot while he's been on the 7's circuit.
  6. most definitely.

    was there 2 years ago, but only for the pool matches on the saturday and had a blast. ****** i didn't go last year. more than made up for it with yesterday.
  7. oh yes. i watched everything. except the stuff i didn't watch. which was when i was eating breakfast at a greasy spoon down the street. but i saw all of englands matches yesterday.

    vilk? yes. he destroyed south africa in the semifinal. hat trick.
  8. getofmeland

    getofmeland Guest


    Nice weather, by the way, better than it is here in England....

    Hoping to go to the Sevens at Twickenham this year.....
  9. if you've never been to an irb sevens tourny, i can't recommend it high enough. my friend (in the above photo) has been to a few, including dubai - and says they're always a great time.

    it's in june at twickers, right?
    that might fall within the allotted 2 weeks of sunshine england are allowed each year.
  10. :lol:

    Just looked properly at the picture of Seymour getting cleaned out. That has to hurt.

    Nice to hear about Vilk doing so well, got potential, if only he'd grow a bit. :rolleyes:
  11. getofmeland

    getofmeland Guest

    Well i can safely say I am sold to the idea.... I will look into getting tickets now, should be cheapish....

    Great chance to see some of the up and coming players in international rugby.... also fun and fast paced....
  12. he played just fine at his stature.

    yeah, poor seymour. he was taken off after this (but shook it off and was walking around after a bit).

    i was taking the photo (because the action was near) so i click off as the ball gets thrown and like a magnificient dick i check to see if the photo came out or not just as everyone goes "OOOOOOO!" (at the hit). totally missed it myself. just saw seymour crawling around on the pitch.
  13. getofmeland, get it down ya. i think you'll enjoy it.
  14. gjohn85

    gjohn85 Guest

    Great pics there Cap!

    I bet Chiro whould act like that if he was there!!

    Btw what does it say on your shirt?
  15. 'if god had meant football to be played in the air, he would have put grass in the sky.'
    -- brian clough

    philosphy football shirt courtesy of my father-in-law.

    i've also got alf garnett's 'football is working class ballet'
  16. Boltman

    Boltman Guest

    I can see in one of your pics where me and my son were sitting, sadly I'm not in them. This is because we only went on Sat, and not Sun. We were on the West Sideline in the 1st row Section 113 A1 & A2.

    I had a couple sitting behind me, guy was Samoan & his girl Kiwi. I sunburned big time. Was great. Had a great time. You see them kits selling there!? $87!? I passed.
  17. I was heartbroken at canada's loss.

    I thought we played to our potential this tournament and we have a lot of good young talent currently coming up the ladder. Mensah Coker is going to be a great player.

    Oh yes and Rugby Canada just signed a major sponsorship deal with Sony Canada and they are now our exclusive sponsor of 15's along with custom house global we also have exclusive access to all of sony's electronic equipment which is great.
  18. starting to scare me capts.

    ive fixed your pic, you sexy sexy beast. (in a hetrosexual way)
  19. Bolts - it's a fantastic venue, isn't it? god i love that place. think i'm gonna try and get out there to watch l.a. galaxy at least once.

    i started roasting in the sun too. gotta keep moving in that place.

    didn't see the kits. 87 bucks? yeah, i'll buy one the day after never.

    Canadian - it would have been nice if they'd have dumped france, but, alas. they did contain them quite well, just needed that one moment that pops a sevens match open but it didn't happen.


    samwise - cheers.

    could have been worse.


    coulda been much worse.
  20. el_tk

    el_tk Guest

    I wish there was some kind of Sevens event in Ireland, or that Ireland took Sevens seriously.

    New life goal: Become professional lottery winner; retire, and then follow the World Sevens tour.
  21. An Tarbh

    An Tarbh Guest

    Not a bad way to go, still wasn't able to find that nice French person who has my Euromillions ticket.

    Great pics captain, although the poor West Indies bloke looks to be worse for wear.
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