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Jonny Wilkinson's Return



He has back once again, on the bench. I would really like to see him back playing well, even though it may be at the loss for Charlie, England aren't a good forward team without him.

If he got a few good games in at the end of season, maybe he could be back for contention in internationals.

Anyone's thoughts or opinion, is it just too long since that kick?

Nice as it would be to see him back, he's long past his best and won't be anywhere near the standard he was. Even if the prospect of Wilkinson Vs. Carter in the Autumn is lip smackingly good.
I just hope he gets a good run of games for Newcastle and then steps back up to international rugby in the for the RWC.
if wilkinson can have a few months without getting injured im sure he'll get his sharpness back. It would be good for england if he could find some form just before the summer tours.
He just needs some time to ease himself back into full fitness. If he can get a few run-outs before the end of the season and then have a full pre-season, he should be able to get back to something resembling his best.

It's amazing that people want to write him off. He's still in his mid-twenties, and has just has horrible luck with a string of unrelated injuries and illness.
From Planet Rugby:

Not to be outdone by the son of God, injury-jinxed England star Jonny Wilkinson will make his latest comeback from injury on Easter Sunday.[/b]
He should be careful when coming back. He must play first regularly for his club and should wait until next season 6 Nation tournament to get him back with the white Jerzey. Unfortunately his club won't play the H-cup next season, this competition offers an intermediate level between the GP and the Test Rugby that would have suited with Jonny's progressive return to top level.
Not at ALL. He's still probably a quality fly-half, he's just one of the most unlucky people in the history of mankind.
He's got the body of someone in their mid thirties so I'd be amazed if he can make a serious international comeback.
I wonder what the bookies got his odds of the number of matches he'll play until the next injury?

I'm going for 3 games before his next trip to the docs.
Well I hope he saves any heroics for next week, Sale need the points. Newcastle have no real need for them. They will stil get in the ECC right?

Sure they'd be better off concentrating on the Challenge Cup, they've a decent chance with a home tie to Irish in the semis and sure who knows what could happen in the final. Leeds are pretty much gone so nothing to worry about on that front.
Wilkinson was a total class act until he injured himself in the WC final. He has been the unluckiest player in international rugby and has had a horrible couple of years. He is so dedicated to rugby and playing it. Hopefully Jonny will strong some good performances together and he could be back in England contentions by the Autumn Internationals, maybe even the summer tour.

If he goes on tour, where do people think it should be to? Canada or Australia?

If he doesn't get injured beforehand, that is.
canada without doubt. he needs tonurse himself back into the game, if he goes back to aus people will be expecting miracles from him, send him to the churchill cup as expectations will be far less.
Originally posted by harrison2468@Apr 18 2006, 11:23 AM
If he goes on tour, where do people think it should be to? Canada or Australia?

If he doesn't get injured beforehand, that is.
Nowhere, let him get a full pre-season without piling on the pressure of having to save the international team.
He shouldn't have gone on the tour anyway. Has no one learned anything about rushing him back?

There are plenty of fly halves England can try out in the summer if Hodgson decides not to go; Goode, Barkley, Drahm, MVG was originally a 10 and Walder (at a push).

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