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Just Cause

I'm wating for it to land in the bargain box at Gmaestation.

£40 is far to much for a sandbox game.
No. Traded a load of old games I didn't play anymore.

Back on subject though, it's an enjoyable game (what I tried in the demo), although my PC is a bit too slow to fully get to grips with it.
I too went down the tradein route. Goodbye Sam Fisher (until the end of the month), hello Rico Rodriguez, and ridiculous insane stunts.
The ablitiy to jump out of your car and take to the skys with the chute is a neat feature I was enjoying too... Just a shame things were getting too jerky when the gcamera saw that much landscape.

I didn't think the veichles worked well enough though, the handling is awful.
Only very briefly managed to plough myself into a tree with a cycle, I got pwned by pressing the wrong button and freefalling to my death, chest first into the side of a cliff.
Infuriatingly enough I still haven't had the time to sit down and finish it.
I got it last year... Great game... Then my 360 got stolen.

The box is nice to look at though.

I finished after renting.............but its better than Saints Row i believe....the landscape does it for me.........base jumping aswell

I need to refresh this game on my LCD monitor - ever since i got the monitor all X360 games need to be replayed - it adds a new dimension - the LCD does that is
I just played a rather ful level... After being told I need to assasinate a mark before he gets somewhere and assume his identity, I paraglide behind a series of cars, catch up to the mark, land on the roof of then steal his car (kicking him out in the prosess), jump out, punch the f***er in the face to kill him, shoot the escorts and move on to complete the level.

Damn this game is fun. San Andreas is oh-so lame in comparison.
Played the demo of this and thought it was rather tasty, so I may grab a copy at some point... Does it have Live multiplayer??

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