Discussion in 'General Gaming Chat' started by Gay-Guy, Sep 21, 2005.

  1. Gay-Guy

    Gay-Guy Guest

    Hired this game out last night (so slow getting it. Like FINALLY) now that I am divorced and can do what I want.

    I know a couple of you love this game.

    For me so far..........

    Great feel to it. Very serious.

    Framerate a slight tad slower than I expected. PS2 really is just barely holding it. Even (dare I say it) Halo series has a better framerate.

    Graphis were OK. Similar to medal of honour and all those other war type games. Nothing too out of this world.

    Controller was ALMOST as good as the (sad to admit it) Halo 2 controller. Sensitivity was almost done as well as Halo 2 but a slight slow responding, like it is lagging.

    I think the PS2 FPS have reached their potential and we really need to wait for PS3 before we have any real major jump in FPS. On XBox Halo2 is may or may not be close to stetching that console (or was it just the game engine which looked suspiciously like it was borrowed from the Brute Force game) so FPS games on that console may have yet to reach their maximum potential. Though I played Pariah on XBox the other day and that looked like it was struggling at times.
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  3. Ripper

    Ripper Guest

    The early stuff i've seen for Killzone 2 have knocked my socks away.

    You have to play Multiplayer, either Offline or Online to get the most of this game. I only got it for $30 at some Bond & Bond Sale which made me even more happier, Single Player was a bit disappointing, but only the only better PS2 FPS I have played is Timesplitters.
  4. Gay-Guy

    Gay-Guy Guest

    Too right!

    I loved the Timespitters framerate! On ps2 the first instalment at the beginning of PS2 made me think "Wow..........are they all gonna be like this?"

    I heard the only reason the Timesplitters framerate was so good was because they didn't use dynamic lighting and other stuff, unlike Halo so called [​IMG] Well whatever dynamic lightning crap they put in Halo or not the truth is it didn't make up for it. Timesplitters still looked wayyyyy too good! I would rather have a smoother framerate anyday than a stuttering one with mind blowing graphics. How can you see the so called mind blowing graphis when the frames look like a scratched DVD movie?

    I am sad that so many people voted Halo as the best FPS on a console ahead of others particularly Timesplitters (the ex Goldeneye team from rage). There are too many simpletons in the world that wouldn't know what a diamond was if their toilet was made of it.
  5. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    I first played timesplitters on a demo from a magazine

    When its first loaded up, I was timewarped 5 years back to the goldeneye era

    I have to thank Goldeneye for keeping me off the streets when i was 17

    That game made me buy an N64, when I was turning the corner of youth and looking towards street life and loitering - which extends to crime and drugs

    When I got goldeneye - I only had eyes for my bedroom, and TV

    Funny how life could have been different, if i never took that day off school and rented an N64 and goldeneye

    Ironic...... i took a day off school, which in the end, kept me away from trouble
  6. Gay-Guy

    Gay-Guy Guest

    Good on ya mate [​IMG]

    Too many words to describe Goldeneye. For now all I can say is..........


    I saw the movie Goldeneye BEFORE the game came out. Didn't recognise too much when playing the game regarding the movie. After playing the game for a few years I then saw the movie again on tv. It was like I had a bond with the movie and the I had been there before and knew every one of them so well, I almost cried, it was like a homecoming! I couldn't believe I loved Goldeneye that much considering at the same time on PS I had JLR competing for my affections. Wasn't that an era?!

    When playing multiplayer I only used "Mayday" (Grace Jones) because she was so ugly that no one chose her. In the end in Mangere I turned her (myself) into the most feared character when playing multiplayer. People ran when (if) they saw her coming! They had nightmares about her! (or so I liked to believe.................................................mwa, mwahaha, mwahahahahaaaaaaaaa) [​IMG]
  7. kinkon89

    kinkon89 Guest

    Golden eye

    was the best multiplayer game...back then!

    i remember in the holidays

    mum: "you wanna stay at your cousins house...on the beach?"

    me: "naaaa its ok"

    the whole neighbourhood came down and we all played 4 player on golden eye.....and then when perfect dark came out.....we never went home and cramped in sumones house playing perfect dark...

    ahhh the days [​IMG]
  8. Gay-Guy

    Gay-Guy Guest

    Took Killzone back to the video store after playing it for 8 days. The more I played it, the more the game's name too on new meaning. Should have called it "Deadzone"...................really boring after a while.
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