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Last man standing on the BBC



Just watching the repeat of last man standing on the bbc now, has anyone else been watching it?

its been quite a good series, some of the events have been a bit on the extreme side....zulu stick fighting is one sport i dont really want to try....the cricket that was on this week looked a laugh if a little crazy and dangerous.
last man standing is absolutly quality

seen the size of bradley?

nd how solid is jason?

how much of a berk is corey?
That fella corey is an utter wally!! he's supposed to be a long distance type of guy, yet he gets smashed in the 'running' event!

The one that was on the other night was great - the fella that made Bradley look smakk - those senagalese folks are huge..

I watched the episode when they play that type of cricket. that one was class. Missed all the reast though :(

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