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Little Used Rule.

Rhondda Rudie

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Oct 14, 2011
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I was at a grass roots game last Saturday.It was an East Central Division 3B (sixth tier of the Welsh club game,a derby featuring Treherbert and Wattstown,both clubs being from the Rhondda Valleys.

The match finished 8 points all.Despite the low scoreline it was actually a good game,a physical battle but played in a very good spirit.There were about 150 spectators there which is quite impressive for the level.

Quite early in the game the away team,Wattstown,were awarded a kickable penalty.Just as the kicker approached the ball a few idiots in the stand shouted out and the kicker hooked the effort horribly.To everybody's amazement the referee ordered the kick to retaken because of the unsporting behaviour of the supporters.There was a referee's assessor present monitoring the official's performance and the Treherbert coach wasted no time in approaching him.Within my earshot he (politely) asked the assessor if the ref had made the right call.The assessor told him the ref was quite within his rights

It certainly worked !!! Every kick after the incident took place in total silence.Has anyone else ever seen this rule enforced ?
well both the assessor and the referee were both wrong and I'd imagine they'll keep be assigned low level games if they keep making up laws.

it's illegal for an opposing player to shout during a kick but you can't penalize a team for something a non-player does.

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