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Madden 2007



I thought i'd start a new thread for this coz it's getting confusing trying to find where to post about this game.

Post all Madden related stuff in this thread.


I rang my local EB today for like the 5th time regarding this game, and now the morons are claiming there computers were wrong and it is delayed until the 14th.

Idiots :rolleyes:

Anyway, from what i've seen on other gaming forums , it sounds like this edition of Madden is KAK..... doesn't bother me though, i'll still buy it, i'm hanging for a new NFL game.

Hopefully they are (like other members have mentioned) taking this extra time to iron out the bugs from the US version.
There's a rumour going around the PAL version was delayed due to a bug in superstar mode where ur QB would turn around about 4 times per game and throw the pigskin into your own redzone - MASSIVE BUG.....DUNG BEATLE FFS

Anyways SR will tie me over until the 14th with ease.
There's a rumour going around the PAL version was delayed due to a bug in superstar mode where ur QB would turn around about 4 times per game and throw the pigskin into your own redzone - MASSIVE BUG.....DUNG BEATLE FFS

Anyways SR will tie me over until the 14th with ease.
Only PS2 versions were affected apparently. Heres a clip here

Heres the gamespot story I found the link in here
Once again - they refuse to fix the sim engine.

In 2005 they had it to the point with a little help from the fans you could have the near perfect engine.

Than for no apparent reason they stopped the RB 1/2 Slider having any effect and getting rid of Stamina so the players will play every down of every game in simmed games. Once again it looks like i'll have to control all 32 teams and stuff around with the injury sliders until I get the right balance. Bah. They had to fix one thing, just one fricking slider.

Meh, still better than 2K, they couldn't produce a semi fuctional sim engine if their life depended on it, except for Basketball and Hockey. WHY CANT ANYONE HAVE A WORKING SIM ENGINE IN A f***ING NFL GAME... they have a fixable sim engine on NCAA, so why cant they do Madden?

Bah.. anyways, I can't wait for the PS2 version. Current Gen > Next Gen in terms of features, can't wait till they get the PS3 out, rumours are that EA are holding back until that.
Nothing is being fixed in a 2 week delay guys!! You cannot re edit make a new master and mass distribute the game in a month let alone two weeks. The delay is officially blamed on shipping, but i think it was put off to avoid competing with the much anticipated saints row. This gives everyone a couple of paychecks to get the bucks fo madden, me included sadly.
Madden 2007 came out yesterday here in Oz

I didnt get it yet coz i am still smashing saints row

But today I am getting Madden2007 - Brilliant really
I got it on 360 2day (a day early) its ok, superstar mode is weird, you dont really know what your doing and its boring as hell, having to watch most of the game from the sideline.You cant edit quarter length, its stuck on 5 mins, so waitning out a pre season half takes about 20mins!!! graphics are sweet as ever but the lag is real bad is superstar mode. You also hav to put up with crap like the qb flipping a perfectly lined up sweep to hav you run head first into an unmarked linebacker. Oh, and the camera angle is weird, you cant see where your going!! so far id give superstar mode a zero out of 10.
I got the game yesterday but haven't had much time to play it yet and i burnt my hand in a BBQ accident(lol) on the weekend so it's pretty hard to hold a controller.

From the little i have played of it so far, i have to say that it's not as **** as i thought it would be.

The first thing you notice is the new menu system - it looks sweet but it's a pain in the arse to scroll through the different teams and positions by holding down the triggers etc. ........... Why the hell would they change somthing thats worked so well for so many years.

The first thing i did was have a go at a Superstar career as a MLB - the camera angle was not as bad as alot of ppl have said, but you really have to keep a close eye on the ball with all the movement going on infront of you..... it's really easy to lose sight of whats going on with the low level of the camera - all it takes is a little play action or a sneaky draw to leave you wondering what the **** is going on (which is realistic i guess).

I'll give every position a quick go before i decide on which position is best to play a whole career with(hopefully the DE camera is fine because i reckon that will be the most fun posy to play).
Anyone figured out how to change player positions?

I just started a Franchise with the Ravens and i wanted to know what rating Suggs would have if i moved him back to a LB in the chance that i pick up Freeney, but i have no idea how to change it with the new layout (i'm starting to think you cant, which sux).

Also, how do you change your players appearance (uniform,equipment etc)???
What do mean change positions is SS mode?
you can change accesories in th SS menu its there just scroll down

Ive now done ss mode as a hb and WR and it blows soooo bad, if your a HB the qb always throws, if you are a WR he hands it off, Ive demanded sveral trades and it dosent matter who the qb is. My WR is 5 foot 8 and he pancakes his man every time, if the qb does throw the ball my way he does not do route based passing, he will throw me the ball when im double covered then ignore me when wide open.

I am in utter disbelief at hpw bad this is.

On the other hand, the normal game is great, i think ill stick with the shallow franchise at least it is fun.

I hav been playing superstar mode for six hours, and total amount of fun, about 6 mins. I stand by my 0/10 for ss mode.
What do mean change positions is SS mode?
you can change accesories in th SS menu its there just scroll down

Nah, i'm talking about Franchise mode, you use to be able to change the position and equipment(helmet, gloves, sleeves etc.) of your players by clicking on there names......

I cant find anyway to do this, it's no biggy really, but it would be nice to play Suggs in the position that he became on of my fav players.

Cant you controll the team in Superstar mode?, i thought i saw that option in the pause menu when i was playing.
You can only change the eqipment of your ss in ss mode, sadly. I dont think you can change player positions. You can control the defense in ss mode but thats it.

the amount of lag in every aspect of this game is unbelieveable.
I thought SS mode sucked

Until i scored 3 TD's with my HB...........getting used to the camera angle now and am FINDING DAYLIGHT!!!!!!!!

But............its not great.........its no owner mode...............still reseving judgement.........2 player this game will rock, but SS mode is just ok thus far.............I want normal camera angle, and I want to LEAD BLOCK, which u cant do in SS, unless ur off the field, and HB#2 is in............

I started a franchise and realised, just how shoddy this game can be............in franchise its half back office......half on field.......but navigating thru the menus to trade and adj rosters etc is the absolute chore...........the lag is BS.

Oh.........and i have already had 3 MEGAFREEZES.........where i lost my superstar only to re-create 3 times coz the damn game aint up to scratch

Funny........hilarious........that EA have put the breaks on this franchise ever since they got exclusive rights..........if u never saw that coming, shoot ur brain to bits, coz u'll never learn.

f*** OFF EA
Before I rip into this a little more

I gotto say the LEAD BLOCKER feature is single handedly saving this game from return

It is the greatest thing ever....

Hopefully SS mode will come good, as soon as a figure it out a little more, but right now i am gutted i never loaded up the Saints Row last night, in favour of my optimisim, i can sort this SS mode out.

Whats the point in training camp...the first ever training session after the draft.........all u do is play after play, for no reward.

I wanna see results for my hard work
you can go to the performance intsitute aswell, but also no reward!

I figured out how to change the quartr lenght in ss mode, and it is better on 3 minutes.

What position is your ss AK? Oh its hb right? Me too.

Does your qb flip the play on sweeps and send you straight to your death? apart from that it is getting a little bette,r I dont really get how to use the influence yet either.

Whats with like 2 or 3 instant replays in an entire game in ss mode.

Lead blocking is great in franchise, but player morale still goes down without explanation, so good luck keeping your stars!
I am a HB........havent bothered with anything else, coz I WANNA RUN TO DAYLIGHT - as per back of the bloody box

Yep i changed mine from 5 to 3 mins - alot better

but still i want the midweek calendar events to actually do something

SS mode has alot to offer i believe.........i think we have barely touched the surface.......something isnt right, we doing something wrong coz all i hear is how good SS mode is.......but so far have yet to see all this hype.

Took me about 3 hours to figure out the menu interface....that in alone i like now, but at first wanted to kick the x360 over the balcony...hopefully SS mode has the same intricacies we yet to determine
LOL!!! me too! this game is the first game in ages that brought on my console rage!

Its pretty bad that u cant use lead blocker in ss, this is one instance that they should have favoured fun over realism.

All the yankee forums and reviews do say great things about ss mode, thats why im so mad, i just dont get it.

What do you think of the diifferent running style? I love how thir stride gets wider as they speed up.

One nice littl touch is how you look back at defenders on runnaways.
I am struggling to find any feeling in franchise

lagging menus

no presentation with pre/post game shows

no owner mode to see the effects of win/loss streaks

it is the worst madden i have ever owned

if it wasnt for online no x360 versions would have sold

u cant play this game by urself - thats my total conclusion

SS mode sucks balls - just read an in depth explanation - i had too coz the EA instruction book is no bigger than a free 30c macca's cone handout.......deadset $10.00 scratchies have more info

SS mode has nothing to offer....u create some random from random mums/dads, do a workout, get drafted, and then just watch a metre for rest of ur career to see if make HoF.......if i wanna watch a f***ing line, i'll go to Wendells house


I am giving Franchise mode one more crack tonight......
Without lead blocker - MADDEN 2007 X360 is the worst of the lot.

Seriously EA u f***ing wankers.......i had 100 times more fun, playability, lastability with Table Tennis and Saints Row demo

I may be jumping the gun........but as it stands now...John Madden......i hate u, i hate EA, and yes i hate the NFL........what a disgrace, gisgusting piece of tripe, worth $120.00......no chance........

If there was one thing that will stop me from watching my Vikings...its Madden 2007

It like Ruggers 2004 in NFL form............u cannot believe that this is what EA do best.......i am somewhat disturbed at how this happened

All life long members @ Maddenmania can get f***ed now

ESPN 2K was the better option........and this is deadset proof coz 3 years later we have a worse NFL game on a machine 6 times more powerful.........EA is all to blame.

P.S - if u wanna hear the worst commentary of any sports game ever made - the worst of all time.....


go and play EA sports Madden 2007

officially the worst commentary of all sports game ever made

Yep, id have to say im sharing your feelings, but im still trying to like it!!

What did you think of the pre season training games in franchise, i thought it was good how you can save them up, and actually give the guys you choose a decent chunk of progression.

Im starting to get the hang of influence, i didnt realise how much i had to spend at times, and how much effect they had, I got a lucky rushing touchdown and it gave 18 points, on the next drive i spent them all maxing out my speed and stength, my next ply was a 40 yard touch down, bowling two guys over. This got me a whole stack of points and i played the rest of the game like a potential star, racking up my best stats yet, 125 rushing yards and 2 touchdown, and shock horror, it was fun!!!

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