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Manawatu v Waikato


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Sep 15, 2010
Manawatu 54-20 Waikato.

Pretty crazy game to be at, the first half was unreal with all the tries being scored. Shows again how flawed the championship/premiership split is with Manawatu putting 50 points on the team who is leading the premiership.

Cruden had a great game, as did the majority of the turbos. Waikato dearly missed Donald, Leonard played well but Manawatu were just better all over the park. Awesome night, great win for Manawatu. Bloody proud of the green and whites. If a number of turbos players don't pick up super15 contracts I will be fuming, I hope Hammett was watching this. Milner-Skudder is definitely one to watch. Also, Slade had better play well against SA after a game like that from Cruden. 10 from 10, Score one try set up numerous others. Personal tally of 29 points.
awesome game, 54 - 20 :O . Man now Cruden decides to start playing brilliantly, i think he may have earned a world cup spot now with his form in the itm cup, i still think slade is better but cruden may at least be in there now
Fantastic. Manawatu and my beloved Hawkes Bay are well and truly on fire. Great to see... And Cruden is developing every week which is also great to see. Just quietly, the Chiefs are going to be immense next year.
Cruden was sublime, one or two of the tries should definitely be in contention for a try of the year award

Very entertaining game

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