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Meehan becomes Acting Head Coach @ Bath



Today Bath Rugby have announced that they have made Meehan Baths Acting Head Coach...

It also thought that Bath will now be appointing a Defence and Skills Coach in the very immediate future..

Bath have also said that if he proves himself, he would be given the role on a perminant basis...


I quite look forward to see what Steve can do with Bath, it was a great shame to see Brian Ashton go after such a short period, but they always seem to desert when the country comes calling... As a Bath Fan I would be Happy with a Mid Table finish this year, and hope to be able to build on it next year... too many changes have happend in a short period of time for Bath to really challenge the likes of Sale, Leicester and Wasps this year..
I agree. This is definately a building year for Bath. The new coaches will need time to bed in, as will some of our new signings, none less than Chev Walker.

If someone offered a season of mediocrity without worrying about the drop, I'd probably take it now.

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