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Munster v Leicester - Pool 4


An Tarbh

Munster will play their last game at Thomond Park for at least 2 seasons as the ground undergoes a redevelopment plan to bring the capacity up to 26000. You'd swear it was the end of an era for some people but given the ground was only redeveloped in 1999 for the rugby world cup some people have short memories, rugby must have started in Munster in the year 2000.

Anyway there's a job to be done, victory is paramount but so is eliminating Leicester from the competition and making their defence a little bit easier. Leicester need a bp which should secure them a quarter final spot but I'd be surprised if they get even that this Saturday. I think Munster's record will be safe for the time being.
High winds might dictate a line-out lottery, followed by a mud-wrestling contest. Pity, coz I'm hoping to see ROG notch up the 15-man game thing and send them packing. If it does turn into 10-man stuff, with lots of garryowens, then everyone will be sweating into injury time.

Munster will open with the blitzkrieg, which better yield a try this time. I want to see Frankenstein Corry behind his own posts after five minutes, making a "It's not over yet" speech. But the Leicester backrow might have more go forward. Will Leamy be fit, or is it back to Foley's stability at the scrum and his tap-and-goes?

Munster to win, Leicester for the bonus. Corry's bones to be dug up by the studs of the Shannon pack next week at Thomond.
Leicester have recalled Julien White for tomorow's game in Limerick. White has got the nod ahead of Ayerza in the front row, good news for Munster as White offers absolutely nothing, all this talk about his scrummaging for the Lions tour and he was pants, plus he offers nothing in the loose. Will be a tough day for Hayes though going up against Castrogiovanni.
It's always a tough day for Hayes, but then he's a tough guy.

Munster are "as you were" from the last game - the word is, "looks weak". Interesting. Hope Leamy has more influence, more control at the base of the scrum. I'd definitely have put Mafi out wider, maybe brought in Cullen (coz he's brilliant - not a Munster instinct). I look forward to B Murphy slicing the Leicester midfield, and fear Munster getting sliced out wide by G Murphy and the hulks from the Pacific.

Inside, it's a forwards' convention, and nothing to do with the rest of us. We'll just have to put up with it. But Flannery's running could make a difference late on.

ROG to dictate. Leicester to lose with snot dribbling from their ears (that's got to hurt!).
Halstead is a huge loss, really holds the Munster backline together, people were thinking that it was Murphy last season who brought the class to the Munster backline but they didn't miss Murphy against Perpignan, Leinster or Biarritz, they did look a bit lost without him last Sunday.

I'd still have Munster for the win though cause they're stronger at half back and less likely to concede penalties at the breakdown and with Jutge reffing Munster should be in for some favourable calls.
Disagree on Halstead - his loss (for the rest of the season - RIP) changes the flow. Munster will be baptised into the next level of rugby with joyous tears: "Wash me in the river ...!" But we could also be going to Hell in a tiger-skin this time tomorrow - taking Corry with us.

At least we have a front five, so pity upon Tarbh. :diablo:
Disagree all you like on Halstead the fact is that Munster wouldn't have won the HEC without him.

I can see it now Skinny and Kelly stepping up and proving themselves to be the munster class wingers they really are. :lol:
Ospreys fans won't be breathing easily after an interesting first half at Thomond Park, Munster all over the place at the set piece, not offering anything out wide yet Leicester for all their dominance only have a 2 point lead, still should be enough for them given the strength of the wind.

That All Ireland quarter final not looking on the cards now.
Huge credit to Leicester, who would now be favourites for the HEC having got the home draw against Paris.

Munster's Thomond record is gone and more than likely they now have a trip to Llanelli to look forward to in the quarter final.

The Leicester win means that Wasps will now take on Leinster while Northampton now have a trip to Biarritz, all this is on the proviso that Biarritz win tomorrow.

Tonight though has shown what a huge loss Halstead is to Munster, their performance was similar to the game against Biarritz at San Sebastien 2 years ago in the quarter final, plenty of effort but **** all to show for it.
Ouch! It hurts when you get spanked.

You were right about Castro-Hayes, but White was strong too - he's such an arrogant wind up merchant. That was humbling for the Munster pack. Leicester's only weakish spot was the line out, but even that was as good as ours.

Halstead would have suited that game, but Munster won't win the HEC with limited attack. Problem is, the expanded attack is even more limited than before. Maybe keep Horan on the wing - he popped a beautiful pass for O'Leary, who then put in the strangest cross kick that almost led to a try.

Positive things are that it could have been drawn, no 6N injuries, Murphy played well at 15, and Humphreys could be ROG's back up.
Didn't connect! And White should be cited for being an arrogant prick - I've seen him do it a few times, getting a reaction that draws a penalty and then laughing in the face of his idiot opponent. It's good when you're doing that kind of thing, but pretty bitter being done unto.
Didn't connect! [/b]

Doesn't matter. Everyone knows what a dirty bunch of ******** Leicesters pack are, Horans just a dumb prick for rising to the bait.
Tremendous result for the Tigers that. Even Stuart Barnes was full of praise for them in The Times.

Fantastic performance.
Julien White may have many times shown he is a one trick pony. The problem is that in horrible conditions it's a trick that can win matches. Both tries came off scrums and Munster failed to get decent ball several times.

Tremendous result for the Tigers that. Even Stuart Barnes was full of praise for them in The Times.

Fantastic performance.

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