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New Cycling season

Rich Taff

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Feb 10, 2013
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Anyone seen anything to suggest that there will be a serious challenge to a Froome led SKy team in the TDF yet?
Apart from illness and bad luck, it looks like SKy could have won every race I've seen on Eurosports so far this year. (Nice to see them taking an interest in the classics, just wish Geraint could handle going downhill)
Can't see too many challenges, however I am interested in the Wiggins/Froome situation, will both race in the tour?
I hope Froome beats the c.... out of Wiggins....cannot stand the man who deprived Cav of gold at the Olympics............!!

Do not think that Cav will necessarily have it all his own way in the sprints but the three legged "wunbderkin" should go green again in the TdF especially as he is back with his "lead out" man in the team.
I thought Wiggo was concentrating on the Vuelta this year, and Froome the TdF. So I imagine Wiggins will be a super-domestique (along with Porte - they really are insanely good to be working as leadout/domestiques) in the TdF and maybe vice versa.
Think Wiggins will also work on his conditioning before his return to the track (I'm sure I read that he's doing that soon).
Contador looked very impressive on the Tirreno-Adriatico. I still don't think he will rival Froome though and of course Quintana will not be at the tour.
Aaah, I thought you meant London - I can't remember much of Beijing

He was not that great to Cav in London either as leader of the team tasked to get Cav to the sprint but would not blame him as much for that.......the breakaway just got away and could not be caught!!!
Froomey starting to look ominously good leading up to the tdF
Proper 9 man tours started today. Gutted for Dan Martin. 5k into the Giro, he loses control on a manhole in Belfast and takes out 3 of his teammates.

So good to see full teams out again though. I really dont think the '6 man' races are as interesting.

Also, nice to see better coverage of the women's cycling. Lizzie doing well, and Voss is just showing her class in the ToB.
SKy have a problem here. Wiggins looks like he's in incredible form, and so does Froome. Who do they put as team lead in Le Tour? (especially with Porte having to pull out of his teamlead event, the Giro)?
Could there be the first ever 1 2 3?
SKy have a problem here. Wiggins looks like he's in incredible form, and so does Froome. Who do they put as team lead in Le Tour? (especially with Porte having to pull out of his teamlead event, the Giro)?
Could there be the first ever 1 2 3?

Easy.....go with Froome who will lick the arse off Wiggins on the hills like he did when Wiggins was gifted the Tour de France as Sky called Froome back to carry Wiggins!!
There weren't many big names in California and Wiggins only won because of the time trial. There is only one TT in le Tour and Nibali, Valverde and Contador will all be present. Wiggins will be up there but probably about 5th and Porte will finish about 20th. I don't think anyone can stop Froome.
Wiggins looked extremely strong on the climbs for once, the pace he set on one of the long ones was crazy. He doesn't have the explosive power at the end of the climb, but he's looking one heck of a lot stronger than any other time I've seen him (even though he's put on weight and is back to his best in the TT).
With Porte, Wiggo and Froome (along with the new younger riders) I think the domination will be crazy, and result in yet more accusations of 'they have rounder wheels than us!' along the lines of the GB team.

PS. Any truth in the rumours that Wiggo only grew a beard because the French were going to implement a sideburn ban at the TdF?
TdF starts tomorrow.
Would have loved to see Wiggo in the SKy team, but looking like one hell of a strong lineup. Come on Froomey boy!
Seriously Cav? SERIOUSLY?
Also, how the hell did Froomey get 6th place? Didn't even see him in the sprint.
Could be a MAJOR bonus with SKy top placed team, when the inevitable mechanical failures happen tomorrow on the cobbles, having the team car at the front(ish).
Cav was bloody stupid.............his head was all over Simon Gerins and he has previous for this type of leaning on the opposition.....Shame but, like Hamilton, sometimes his brain does not engage!!

As for the stage.....went up the "cote de Buttercups" on a quad bike last week and did wonder how they were going to get the Peleton up there but, apart from one stoppage, it went off really well and "chapeau" to the spectators who must have walked for miles to, and up, the hill to be there....unlike the French police the English ones seem to think any event like this is a reason to put cones up anywhere within a 30 mile radius!!!

'ee Sky gum...................

Edit.............Boardman (on TV just now) reckons he had nothing to apologise for but then he is as good as Phil Neville!!
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I think it was the moviestar guy on the outside that wasnt seen by either rider that resulted in the actual crash. Cav tried for a gap that wasn't there, but normally could have stayed up and pushed the guy out. In the end, poor old Gerrans had nowhere to go, so it ended in tears.
Think Nibali in yellow has made Brailsford the happiest guy in France...err England... SKy actually get a few days rest, and let Astana do a few days work instead of the usual SKy train.
Well the organisers found a way to stop SKy winning. Stage a GT stage on the worst/most challenging course in cycling, (Paris - Roubaix has no place on a GT) and do it when it's p*ssing down with rain. Nibali was outstanding, but his descending skills really helped him. Froome's 3rd fall was enough for his wrist. Was a complete lottery on who could actually survive the stage.

Just hoping anybody bar Contador wins now.

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