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Newbie So whats up with the haka?



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That's either fence sitting to the max or sarcasm. Nobody wants a fight before kick-off, nooo, that can only happen during the game :p

BTW I'm not saying challenging the Haka is a bad thing (not this topic again..) all I'm saying is that walking up to the Haka and getting tonked is as feable as if the AB's weren't good at rugby.

I know teams do this to inspire confidence, I call it 'chicken before the egg' confidence (except France). They acting confident eventhough it has no grounding aka optimism (except France). Which is all and well if it works! Soon it will become custom to walk up if you think you're not good enough, because the teams who actually do it get tonked (except France).

In fact, lets give the French the sole rights to it! :D[/b]

Agreed :bravo: :D




A hundred players on the pitch, some chap swinging a chinese cleaver, one witch doctor screaming his head off, and a punch up before the whistle followed by everyone having a laugh. Bit like an opera.

Bet the match was crap.
Lolz, probebly like 80-6 to NZ Maori.


I'm from Otaki and the fulla that created Ka Mate is buried down the road from me and I know being Maori I'm obligated to like the Haka but to be honest I feel like when the All Blacks do it there isn't any spirit in it and it's just formalities.

When they perform Kapa O Pango I think it shows alot of spirit because it's fresh and new. Personally I like Haka but because everyone does Ka Mate it's been thrashed to the days.


Especially that one time i think it was the Olympics or the Commonwealth games, a haka was performed by nz supporters like all the time. Most of them were white boys and it became rather novelty like.