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Anyone else keeping an eye on the NHL? ive been watching it on the TV's at work. Funny how ESPN are playing the games again. Its looking to be a good competition for the next match as carolina go in 3-2 but Edmonton won the last 4-3 with a golden goal in extra time. How good is that!
Ive been watching and loving it, shorthanded breakaway in OT....score!!!

Hockey at its best.
much like baseball ive never really taken a liking to it, the closest i ever came to being a fan of the sport was from playing NHLPA HOCKEY 94 on the sega megadrive/genesis, i still play it occasionally on emulator, shh..........

i've still got the game packed away with my snes somewhere, i preferred it on megadrive tho for some reason
Yeah that was a huge downer, thats why ESPN dint play the regular season wasnt it? But still its nice to see back again. Im not that bigger fan but even i admit that was an awsome game
It just took watching one game to get back into it, the first oilers homegame gave me goosebumps!! (im a bit of a hockey nut) Atleast we know that a lockout will never happen again, the last one all but killed the NHL, and its only just come out of a coma. The players and owners know that if they do it again the NHL is finished for good.
Carolina won it! Frustrating game for the oilers. Carolina did well to regain composure after the last game and take the win.
Ripper, if you could watch the NHL before, then you will love the 'new' NHL. After the lockout, the game really has come back better than before - much faster, with more goals. If you are looking for excitment - there are no more ties, in the regular season we now have shoot outs after tied games for a bonus point. They have heavily cracked down on obstruction, and put in a hard salary cap - anyone can both sign free agents and then win. Suddenly, good management and coaching is far more important than having tonnes of money (Colorado). Seriously Ripper, if you liked it before, you will love it now.

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