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Jun 18, 2010
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Discuss anything about the most prestigious hockey league, the National Hockey League.

The NHL was founded in 1917, and in the first 2 seasons, the Montreal Canadiens grabbed the ***le. Due to expansions several times, the NHL has turned into a monster league, counting 30 franchises today. The latest expansion was in 2000, when the Columbus Blue Jackets and the Minnesota Wild were added.

The NHL is divided into 2 conferences of 15 teams, Eastern and Western conference. Within the conference there are 3 divisions of 5 teams.

A team plays every team within their division (inter-Division) 6 times.
They play every other conference team 4 times.
From the other conference they play 3 opponents twice, the other 12 only once.

At the end of the regular season, the 8 top teams of each conference go through to the Stanley Cup play offs in a best-of-seven, according to this draw:

1 - 8
2 - 7
3 - 6
4 - 5

In the next round, the highest ranked team plays the lowest ranked team and the other 2 play each other.

Now we are almost in the Conference finals. Boston Bruins and Tampa Bay Lightning play in the Eastern Conference final. Vancouver Canucks play either the San Jose Sharks or Detroit Red Wings (not yet determined) in the Western Conference final.

The 2 Conference winners, play each other in a best-of-seven for the Stanley Cup
Great, was a big NHL fan in the late 90's. Detroit, Colorado, Pittsburgh, Anaheim, Boston and Washington.
Lost trace of it tbh. I do know that Patrick Kane is one of the new "popular players"
My Hawks won last season, but are out this time due to poor decisions made by previous GM Dale Talon that cost us some key players. No matter though as the young core is still there locked up long term with plenty of room still to grow! I'd wouldn't mind seeing Vancouver finally win this season, even if they're "new rivals" to my Hawks. Canada needs a champion and as long as Detroit doesn't win, I'll be fine.

I have to give credit to the Bruins sweeping those damn Cryers. Boston will take part in their first conference finals since 1992. Tampa will be very difficult as I predicted this much from them early on. The Bolts have taken out the Pens and Caps so far!

A bit sad to see a team like Nashville go. I really enjoy their grit and defensive play.
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My uncle played Hockey in France back in the day...He was a kickboxer who could skate..know nothing about how well he played however :p
It looks like the Coyotes are staying in Pheonix for another year at least, Atlanta however is having issues financially as well, and there still may be a team in Winnipeg, Manitoba come the start of next season.

I'm really hoping for Vancouver vs Boston, Final series, two passionate fan bases and two good teams to watch on the ice.
Would much rather it have been Phoenix than Atlanta moving to Winnipeg, though. Especially considering that Phoenix moved from Winnipeg.

Great to see Detroit lose today. Very happy with that. Not really fussed with who wins out of the remaining teams, I just didn't want Detroit there.
Did not have enough time to explain my fav. team and the reason behind it. Ever since I was little, I've been a New York Rangers fan. Weird, I know. I was playing a Hockey game on my PC (I think it was Brett Hull's Hockey or something like that) in the early 90's. I played an exibition match with a random team, which turned out to be the Rangers. I decided to follow that team. There have been more downs than ups recently, but this year it looks diffirent. We have very talented youngesters like Derek Stepan, Mats Zuccarello, Ryan McDonagh and some players who get better every year with Derek Boogaard, Artem Anisimov, Steve Eminger, Dan Girardi and of course one of the best goalies in the world: Henrik Lundqvist!!!

This year we ended 8th in the Eastern Conference and made the play offs where we were up against the Capitals from Washington. Alex Ovechkin and Alexander Semin were terribly off form and we were without our best player Ryan Callahan (who suffered a broken ankle a week before the play offs).

Despite that, we won 1 match, lost 2 only in OT so we didn't do too bad. Next year we will have some players coming over from CT Whale again, including the young Michael del Zotto.

I really think we have a chance to get to 3rd or even 4th next season if we lose the big fish like Chris Drury, Wade Redden, Vaclav Prospal, Marian Gaborik and Sean Avery and replace them with some younger players like Gravchev.

With Wolski, Dubinsky, Frolov and Fedotenko we have 4 more forwards who add some spice to the team.
What will probably end up happening in the relocation debate is that the Thrashers will move to Winnipeg and the Coyotes will eventually move to another city instead. I'm assume that due to the new lease signing by the city of Glendale they will now have time to work out a deal to either keep the Coyotes in Arizona or move them when they're ready. The pressure is likely off for now, but f I had to guess, down the road it will be Québec City, Kansas City and Hartford on the list of possible spots for the Coyotes if they were to move. I'm sure that they eventually will.

I also think that Winnipeg would be happy with the Thrashers moving there. They have a young core group with a very bright future. I had a feeling that something was wrong in Atlanta when they axed their third shirt before the season even ended and were in talks of altering their look entirely.
I heard it this morning and I was stunned. 2 days ago I created this thread and actually named him as one of the players I see the Rangers have to evolve into a serious contender. This is a sad moment in the history of the NHL and the New York Rangers.
Several sources in Canada, Sportsnet and TSN included. are now saying that Atlanta may indeed move to Winnipeg for the start of next season. An official announcement may happen early next week.
Ice Hockey is like hockey but played on ice.

I've expended my knowledge (and interest) of the sport.
Ice Hockey is like hockey but played on ice.

I've expended my knowledge (and interest) of the sport.

And Field Hockey is like Ice Hockey only played on grass.

In all seriousness though, Ice Hockey isn't for everyone, anywhere without least moderately cold winters or any history of the game it would be diifficult to get into. But you are missing out on Playoff sudden death(Golden goal) Ice hockey which (as much as I love rugby) is the greatest sporting event to watch.
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Well, The Canucks seem to be pretty sure of the Stanley Cup final. 2-0 in the series and a 7-3 win on Wednesday.
Its a virtual certainty now that Atlanta will move to Winnipeg for the start of next season, http://http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=367433

Also the final round gets underway Wednesday night with Boston visiting Vancouver for game one of a best of seven series. Vancouver are the favourites but I wouldn't count Boston out both teams are strong defensively and I think the Bruins have an advantage in goaltending.
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I have to bump this thread. Tonight is game 7. I can noly hope the Canucks perform as well tonight as they did in the last game 7 of the SCF they played in.

You mean game 7 in 1994 when the Rangers won? I watched it again a couple of weeks ago. Big Rangers fan here... Despite that, I hope the Canucks win it
Wait wait wait, the league ended ages ago. We're in mid championship now. Jeez guys, if you're going to have GAA threads at least keep them up to date.
go Bruins, dont really care for the sport but would like a bit of reciprocal trolling since he been giving me stick for the brumbies (he's a vancouverite)
go Bruins, dont really care for the sport but would like a bit of reciprocal trolling since he been giving me stick for the brumbies (he's a vancouverite)

nobody likes "those people"

hell they ain't really Canadian

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