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Now that you have had a taste...

Originally posted by CeeJay@Apr 20 2006, 04:12 PM
You can buy the official oblivion guide, that should have all the quests in it. I currently have 18 active quests and 62 completed, what about you?

Have you done the darkBhood quest where you have to murder the whole family? I feel bad after that.
the bible of oblivlion

i bought it after 2 days of roaming lost not knowing what to do

but still i aint going to tick back on that book what i need to do

this game needs a % like GTA

i know some random mission on the darkest corner of the map will be forgotton/not known etc

i have to check my completed quests

i have done about 5 B'Hood missions.............not sure if i have slaughtered a family.........cant remember, coz there just sooo much stuff going on i forget half of the missions

from now on though each night i am going to stick to a guild, instead of varying all the time, coz then i'll remember these soughts of things

i got a silver warhammer last night - time ot become GRAND CHAMPION of CYRODILL tonight..........all bets on blue........otherwise give me your cash chumps!!!

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