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Right, basically I'm aiming for a September return to rugby after over 2 enforced years out of the game.

I've recently begun to ramp up my efforts to get back in shape, but something that needs work is my diet. I have my vices and enjoy some foods which are absolutely awful. However, cutting those down is my problem, so I'm purely looking for advice about things I should be eating.

At the moment I'm on a lot of pasta, fruit and salad. Bearing in mind that I'm a student and can't afford to eat highest quality red meat every night, what should I be looking at to aid my routine?

Any useful tips, secrets or bits of advice will be much appreciated.
I'm not really a supplement person to be honest. And I need specific suggestions of food to eat. I'm hoping someone will come out with some sort of well kept secret about a common food which actually holds a hell of a lot of good stuff in it.
In that case it's fish, pasts and dairy products.

Trust me on the Whey though, it's like a milkshake that you drink, so it's not your typical supliment.
Eat healthy - for your life.

Porridge for breakfast - but before that drink 1/2 L of warm water with lemon juice, followed by a cup of veg juice.

Grind LSA (linseed/sunflower seed/almonds - in 3/2/1 proportion) into your food.

Rice (basmati), pasta and wheat - buy wholegrain.

Bread and other supermarket stuff: stay as far away as you can from heat-altered fats - they're used as a preservative in processed foods and have a rotten effect on the body.

Grill instead of fry. And make red meat a weekend treat.

Roast chicken is the mid-week staple.

Fill your bowls with fruit and veg, and snack away. When the bowl runs down to half, go out and buy some more.

Figure out a veg meal that you're happy to eat for lunch a few days every week.

Cook for yourself, and tell the supermarket ready-meal temptation to **** orf. But go loony with your favourite food at the weekend.

Nothing to do with strength building - but the best doctor you'll ever have is your own body: it knows how to look after itself, and all you have to do is give it a chance.

Excellent. That's the sort of thing I'm looking for.

Does the LSA option not alter the taste or texture of food at all?
What you want:
Whole Grain Products (not only do they give you protein but they also provide a good source of fat and a good deal of fiber.. contrary to white bread which isnt anywhere near as good)

Lima Beans are another excellent source of protein and fiber for a vegetable, they arent everyones thing but if they are then i'd say go for it.

Fish, low calorie, not to mention high in protein, good for muscle building etc. Not to mention the omega fatty acids which are good for you etc.

I would say overall is load up on vegetables, invest in lean meats and fish and try to cut down on white bread which has no real benefits to it other than it tasting pretty good. Some world record holder in lifting is a vegan and eats specifically all vegetables and such, so that shows the power vegetables hold in the form of giving you protein and other vital nutrients.
Get a coffee grinder, and you'll judge LSA for yourself. You can add taste to it by toasting the sunflower seeds in a pan.

Anyway, check this:
I don't want to give a cheesy testimonial, but this is the real deal (despite the girly advertising). As a gradually bloating smoker and drinker I was looking for a reprieve without turning into a saint - and this made a serious difference. And I still smoke and drink. Wahay!
also if you're looking to stay healthy during the season and not get sick - berries - blueberries, raspberries, also grapes will supply you with antioxidants to keep you from getting ill during rainy, cold rugby games when it's sh***ing down...

plus you can make a natural protein shake with raw eggs if you're brave, or eggbeaters, honey, milk, half-half, cream, etc etc - according to Arnold...
Natural protein shake, I like that term. I have eggs fried in a combination of virgin olive oil and butter a lot. Also I have my own kind of shake which consists of a few large tablespoons of peanut butter (depends on the protein quantity in each table spoon and personal taste) about 250 mL of whole milk, one banana, two ice cubes, and a small spoonful of honey just for taste. It's filling, delicious and high in a number of nutrients you need to last the day or fuel up on.
:bana: definitely a plus especially after training or playing, there's something else that's good for shakes as well can't think of it comes in a concentrated cube format and it ain't sugar...
Me, i'm in great shape, and i'll tell you what i do:

I eat.

Yeah protein, yeah carbs, bcaa's, omega3 yadda yadda yadda.

Just eat.
During the training phase, I`d agree with loads of protein. Fish till you develop gills, chicken till you start to make like a rooster at 5am, and some of the natural protein shakes(eggs, peanut butter and honey) certainly will do the trick.

The night before, as well as the morning of your match- carbo-loading mate. Pasta, definately. Unfortunately, this might mean a Saturday morning breakfast of Spaghetti instead of bacon&eggs, but it`ll be a sacrifice well worth it. Especially in the last quarter of your match.

Anyway, good luck with the training and the diet.
I was put on this diet my diet for lunch for 6 months...

Tuna and rice... Next day Boiled chicken and rice...Next day Tuna and Pasta...next day Boiled chicken and pasta... then back to the start

I was also weight training at the same time, went to 98 kg's of lean muscle in my prime year's

I was a full back when i first started out but needed to bulk up and pack on the muscle for the centre position. I noticed my shoulder's became rounder chest, biceps and traps became apparent... of course its how you weight train at the same time you get results out of what you put in

You can eat just about anything, just stay away from the fish n chips and take away foods... then you'll be aright
im in a similar position to you, been out for 3 years (knee ligament damage that went un-diagnosed and got rapidly worse before problem was identified). been hitting the gym alot recently, one of my mates there recommended natural protein shakes like the ones above :rolleyes: apparently bruce lee used to have 2 bananas, 2 teaspoons of peanut butter, teaspoon of linseed oil, and 2-3 raw eggs (he also put the shells in) with 500 ml of milk, all blended together. i find it tastes extremely nice, not to everyones tastes though. i also try and eat a lot of tuna and peanuts straight after the gym. a team mate drinks 2 raw eggs with orange juice every morning, the taste of the orange juice overpowers the taste of the eggs, but the horrible texture is still there. and finally as little snacks pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds always got down well. iv used supplements, dynmatize elite whey protein is probably the best all round one ive had in terms of taste, price, and quality, but understandably these arent everyones cup of tea, and if people do start using them they seriously need to be into the gym or they could end up simply being a fat ******* within a month or two.

hope that helps a bit,

one last thing, remember what big ron coleman says: 'eat, eat, and eat some more'

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Try cassoulet !

What's that?

Sound like it should be some sort of stewed meat but I could be completely wrong.

French beans with duck and sausage... :bana: Very good and tasty specially with strong red wine ! Just forget about rugby a couple of days after ! :)

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