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NZRU and ARU's dodgy relationship



I picked these up from this article:


"...Sunday Star-Times sources have confirmed the NZRU is secretly seething about the role the Australian Rugby Union played in this affair. The ARU inherited the Sanzar secretariat from the NZRU this year and is responsible for negotiations with broadcasters like News.

But the ARU claimed it was as surprised as News Ltd when the NZRU unveiled its plans to pull players, the ARU confirming discussions had taken place but nothing binding had been agreed.

"Clearly they (New zealand and Australia) have some issues to sort out," said Baxter.

"But we won't be getting involved in that. We don't see it as our role.

"We understand on some issues, including this one, they are not going to be united. But the ARU feels the Kiwis broke ranks so it's for them to sort out.

"We will negotiate with them individually if need be."

It still goes to show that NZRU are arrogant, or it's showing that ARU love to screw NZRU over and over again. Resting players might not be an option after all if players like MAuger, collins, Carter want to play more than resting.

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