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Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by Los Lover, Jul 18, 2005.

  1. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest

    Hi Mario,

    I'd just like to say, that I have been playing SJRL again as a projector and screen and (with another gamer) have been studying the game quite in-depth and feeling it is both better and worse than when it was encountered on smallertvs (29 and 32 etc).

    * Obviously on small screens, the far-side of the field is, well, TOO far away. On a massive screen it is not at all and, revealingly, the game improves greatly as a result as both sides of the field are viable places to attack at any time you like or, more importantly, NEED.

    Personally I now feel the game is a 75-80 percent game (we only play sports games for the most part and nearly every one ever so we feel this is informed), as opposed to the 69-74% game on a normal tv, or worse, a pc.

    Anyway, can you tell us, with the game almost certainly in final if not finished stage(s)......the following things that must have been addressed (bearing in mind the other changes we KNOW now and LIKE but perhaps don't address the following long-term probs with SJRL - albeit a solid little game and great debut fellaz):

    Note - no answer will of course be assumed as the same i.e. not changed, updated or finetuned, thanks [​IMG]

    - Ball passed quicker and flight of ball is realistic....can not float unless floated and can not go back and then ten yards forward magically - players run and meet a point where the ball is coming doen and hit it running unless pass is badly timed or injudicious.

    - Aggressive tackle should result now in about a 2-3% chance of a dangerous tackles instead of about 25%

    - If ball is knocked on, a short advantage is played AND you can immediately and accurately control your player.....ya know?

    - Players can accelerate quickly and hit the ball running more often than not

    - Step is left AND right at your desire NOT whatever the game decides.

    - You can have golden point in your created seasons

    - Sin bins and send offs are much more infrequent

    - The CRU players on attack don't throw the ball perfectly back and forth to each other on a break as if they have have GOD himself on the field, although, keep the AI as tough as you have. You guys really got this mostly right and it does make for good games. WELL DONE [​IMG] Most other games fail miserably here.

    - You can catch kicks not making touch...looks unprofessional and unrealistic otherwise.

    - A forward pass has to actually go forward......while you're fixing this..can you let that blindboy Mander know as well..? thanks [​IMG] lol!

    - Must be able to flick past replays if you choose

    - Must be able to both place the ball down AND dive and maybe another two or three types of scoring style as well thanks depending on the situation.

    - Change pace or change player button must shift to the top of the control....ONE OF THEM MUST BE MOVED or many will not enjoy or even buy this game. It is uncomfortable for even someone abnormally dexterious (from an old injury) as me to have to be pushing pace, change player and tackle all together in a triangle on the face of the control!!!?? Such that pace and tackle must be pushed simultaneously with your thumb. Silly, silly. Change player must be up top...or pace. So no excuses cos it can be either.

    Thank you mario for showing the respect (in your consumers and hardened league gamers) to come and answer these questions accurately and honestly to repay our faith in your product (both the first and then the second), as that cash funds the games and more... Much appreciated [​IMG]

    game looks good...

    So spill.
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  3. kaftka

    kaftka Guest

    I can help with that.

    I read in the Playstation 2 magazine that you swith player along the defensive line using L1 and R1.
    And the best part is, when you press the two together you switch straight to fullback. So, no more franticly pressing change player button until the game decides to choose the fullback.
  4. oh thank god!
  5. Mario

    Mario Guest

    Please note my answers refer to the default settings of the game. The user will have control over the frequency of some things as well as being able to switch game rules on and off, so the user will be able to fine tune RL2 to their own preferences in a number of key gameplay areas.

    Improvements have been made to the flight of the ball.

    This is pretty much the case, excepting of course where players are offloading to support which has stopped besides them (which of course happens in real life).

    The aggressive tackle button always was contreversial. Sidhe maintains that the aggressive tackle is meant to be used as a last ditch effort, and should not be used constantly. If you aren't constantly using the aggressive tackle button, then your players aren't constantly getting sent off.

    Sidhe has fine tuned the numbers around this, but essentially it remains the same.

    Advantage is included in RL2.

    Support players run onto the ball more often, can accelerate more quickly when they receive the ball if they are stood still, and dummy half runners can scoot out.

    Stepping is the same as RL1 although the animation and ramifications of a step have been improved.

    I believe so.

    See dangerous tackles above.

    The game in general is harder as the AI is much better at defending and exploiting gaps, overlaps, and other situations (of course, the AI also finds it harder to score as your AI teammates are smarter too).

    The AI is therefore much less reliant on offloads and fundamental speed advantage to win. Games should feel more 'fair'.

    Catching from kickoffs (and kicking itself) has been improved.

    Code around forward passes has been improved.

    You can skip replays and cutscenes.

    There are multiple ways of setting the ball down depending on where you are in the ingoal.

    The central change player button remains the same. However, you can now also shuffle your selection left and right using the shoulder buttons.
  6. Ripper

    Ripper Guest

    Have you got the Real ESL teams this time around?

    and Have the Simulated Goal Kicking Stats been fixed this time around?
  7. Mario

    Mario Guest

    Er, the real ESL teams appeared in RL1!?

    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE </div>
    No idea. Hopefully.
  8. Ripper

    Ripper Guest

    What I meant do all the players look right this time? (Last Time I checked Tony Martin wasnt quite that... Dark.)
  9. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest

    Firstly, I would like to extend my thanks to you for answering those questions diligently and honestly. At the moment, in the gaming industry, sports games have been given some very roughshod treatment in recent times especially by EA of course. You and Sidhe have much respect and, as shown by your quick reply and honest answering of questions, integrity also. I'm sure I sepak for many here in thanking you and your team for that.

    I am very pleased that it seems most of the issues that blighted an otherwise hreat first release have been fixed.

    I could only take issue with the "agressive tackle" comment, saying that "it is supposed to be a last=ditch move" etc....but dude, if you don't use aggressive tackle a lot on legend level and above - you just slip off seven tackles in a row!!?? You MUST use aggressive tackle most of the time thus.....when I am chasing a guy down the field trying to ankle tap him with an agressive dive tackle..I don't expect to suddenly pull a matrix and decapitate him from five metres behind him. I aggressive tackle knowing I shouldn't be able to head high - but it happens anyway. If they step me - fine. But if they run straight at me - that is silly.

    r1 and l1 will change players too - that's good...as long as that isn't going to interfere with the aggressive button which is also r1 still is it not? Can you explain how that is going to work? Anyone?

    Otherwise game looks great. Will have cricket to play, so won't get impatient, while waiting. Just having all the passing dynamics overhauled is a 50 percent improvement for me...

    Notice how, unlike EA, Sidhe have managed to address the shortcomings of their game (with a too-rare-in-the-industry inward glance), instead of doing an EA and only improving what was already good. Which is a cop out.

    Thanks mario and thanks Sidhe.

  10. NZL Fan

    NZL Fan Guest

    Mario: Thanks for the in depth answers.

    Only thing that concerns me from this is the "aggressive tackle" button remaining little changed from RL1.......

    The reason that people used the aggresive tackle a lot in the 1st version was because the normal tackle was virtually ineffectial.

    So my question is "has the normal tackle button been improved upon??", and also " will your computer controlled team mates make less head high tackles??" (this was really annoying in RL1, and outside the players control).
  11. kaftka

    kaftka Guest

    [EDIT] D'oh. I didn't read NZL Fan's post...so...uh me too.
  12. Mario

    Mario Guest

    Well, your AI teammates are generally better at defending, so an AI opposition does find it harder to get through inthe first place and break normal tackles (as it faces more of them).

    A normal tackle in RL1 can be made more effective by

    - spamming the "aggression/sprint" button X to build up your aggression before the tackle

    - waiting until the very last second to press the tackle button

    - spamming the "aggression/sprint" button X after the tackle to avoid a break tackle

    By building up you aggression, pressing tackle at the last moment, and fighting to dominate the tackle, you will execute a normal tackle with maximum effectiveness. It will be much harder for the opposition to break through, but it requires timing and skill on behalf of the gamer.
  13. kaftka

    kaftka Guest

    Hey Mario (damn I love saying that. Works best with Italian/mafia accent)

    Remember when everyone was asking if it was coming to xbox, and you said no comment, but there will be exciting news in the future regarding RL2 on other platforms?

    Yeah well, has that kind of hit the fan now, or can we still expect 'something'?

    [EDIT] of course I post that as soon as he logs off. [​IMG]
  14. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest


    Ok ay mario - that was sly...but I'll take it on the chin.

    For the reor, you are talking to one of the baddest-ass gamers (sports only) in NZ.

    There is no issues with timing....

    I player my semi (versus Brisbane) last night with my brother (so two player) on legend level and we took down Brisbane 42 - 6 in a 20 minute game.

    On defence and attack - there are NO issues with timing. It was the game and the game alone.

    An EA person once said my cricket 2002 complaints might also be down to a 'lack of timing', at which point I explained that my score was 445...he said 'ha! I've scored that with Zimbabwe!" and I explained I meant 445 with one batsman. The team score was 1011. [​IMG]

    But I'm sure it has been fine-tuned.......I am already well aware of 'optomising' the circle tackle - BUt NZL fan is spot on and this should have been improved..it can affect lastability. The most crucial aspect of any sports title is lastability.

    Thanks again mario and please can you answer my query re: how you change player with R1 and do aggressive tackle with R1 when they are the same? Thanks.
  15. kaftka

    kaftka Guest

    You're lying. An EA representative would never talk to a member of the public [​IMG]
  16. Mario

    Mario Guest

    My comment was not made at you personally, I was only suggesting that there is more to the tackle process that running close to the ball carrier and pressing the button. Many assumed it was, and ended up relying on the Aggressive Tackle button and were annoyed at the high number of associated sendoffs.

    I still contend that this worked well in the first game. League God difficulty level was incredibly difficult and for good reason. If people were easily able to overcome League God then they would have asked for more challenge.

    If there was anything to complain about in League God I would have suggested that the slight speed advantage that was granted to the AI was more unfair. No amount of timing or aggressive tackles will do you any good if you can't actually catch the ball carrier.

    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE </div>
    A couple of buttons have been moved around.
  17. kaftka

    kaftka Guest


    And thanks for the info above Mario. Class.
  18. NZL Fan

    NZL Fan Guest

    I thought the game was programmed in RL1 so that hitting the aggression/sprint button hard out prior to a tackle also increased your chances of a head high??.................sort of a catch 22 therefore..........also will computer teammates do headhighs outside your direct control??
  19. Mario

    Mario Guest


    You can only do head highs using the aggressive tackle button.

    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE </div>
    That has been fixed.
  20. ..::ERIC::..

    ..::ERIC::.. Guest

    And still no comment on the Xbox status?
  21. NZL Fan

    NZL Fan Guest

    Excellent news - nothing more frustrating then playing conservative "normal tackle" rugby league only for one of your computer teammates to try and take someones head off on the last tackle............
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