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Ospreys Vs Ulster


Sir Speedy

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Darren Cave looked pretty good too.[/b]
Sure, but how did he play?


We are f***ing ****. Total f***ing ****. How can we f***ing lose at home to Ulster? What a load of f***ing jokers! They can shove it up their f***ing arse.


I felt Bishop was good. Best performance I've seen from him a fair while. Barry Davis wasn't bad, and they could have worse in the back row than Jerry Collins and Ryan Jones, but besides that, it wasn't that good at all.

Sonny Parker was appauling.


To be fair to Parker, he had nothing but sh*t ball to deal with, often getting man and ball from Bishop/Hook. He managed to make ground a couple of times, even with a few players hanging off him. They still need someone better though.

Anyone else getting fed up with below par performances from Marty Holah? He doesn't appear to be doing the donkey work required from an openside flanker. Give Ben Lewis an opportunity, maybe he'll actually hit a few rucks! Talking about rucking, why don't the Ospreys clear out properly? They seem to just arrive and stand over the ball, allowing themselves to get driven backwards by the opposition and making life a living hell for the scrum half. They need to start taking the opposition players in the ruck out of the game, so they can't interfere with O's ball.

Cyril..... that's exactly how I was feeling after 60min last night. Maybe I should start boycotting Ospreys matches....... for my own good!

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