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Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by FerraraZ, Dec 11, 2006.

  1. FerraraZ

    FerraraZ Guest

    I need help with team jackets. I play/represent a Penn State University branch campus which won their division last year and there's been a rising interest in getting team matching jump suits/jackets to travel to other games so do you guys have any place you can suggest to me that would do an embroidering of our logo and what not? For those maybe in PA,USA the team which I'm talking about is Penn State Berks campus.
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  3. Caledfwlch

    Caledfwlch Guest

    didnt ur girls get hammered by stanford..... go ask canterbury or kooga for jackets...
  4. O'Rothlain

    O'Rothlain Guest

    World Rugby Shop has a team shop:
    That's in the US. Other than that there are the typical American Rugby outfitters like Goedeck (sp) or ruggers.com.
    I hope that helps...I have no clue where the clubs I've played for got our gear...it always seem like they know womeone who knows someone in australia.
  5. DC

    DC Guest

    I dont think so he's not talking main campus in state college..

    I'd go with rugby teamwear you can buy CCC from them and other top brands if im not mistaken, last time i checked you could
  6. FerraraZ

    FerraraZ Guest


    1. the State College's Men's team is 5th in the nation

    2. We're the next branch campus for Penn State, not main campus

    Also thanks for the input guys.
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