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Discussion in 'Site News & Suggestions' started by THE CHIROPRACTOR101, Feb 8, 2007.

  1. 300 hundred words? aboyt 3 words???

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  3. Well done, that's sure to carry our World Cup forum.
  4. i propose a challenge for you...

    an essay...of why the heineken cup is better than the super14?...300words..due by you concur???...i will write in opposition of why the super14 is better then your corny league and we will post it up in the general rugby section...

    it will be evaluated by and assessed by the admins and they will bring conclusion and a clear winner to the discussion or debate if you will..(bias aside guys...)

    do you accept??? scumbag??
  5. How about you just write 300 words saying why we should pick you for this position, like you've been asked to?

    I have 3 essays of actual importance on the go and better things to do with my weekend. Mabye once I've finished those I will write a note pointing out to you that the Heinken Cup isn't in fact a 'league' as you seem to have so wrongly named it.

    mabi ill evan rite it in wordz ull apresiate lolz.

    Just do the damn 300 words like everyone else will have to.
  6. getofmeland

    getofmeland Guest

    Thats a Great Idea Chiro

    And I am sure Saints Fan Webby will accept this challenge...
  7. Thats a Great Idea Chiro

    And I am sure Saints Fan Webby will accept this challenge...

    Not this weekend he won't. See the post above as to why.

    Ok then, let's delay this slighty, but it will go ahead. I'm intrigued whether it's possible to write an essay in text speak.
  8. LMAO chicken ****...i'll do yo busta ass one better and write in "proper english"..and then go and have a chat to all my white friends while discussing soccer over a cup of tea

    monday mutha f***er...u one of da reason why i hate this site..we NEED more southern influence on these boards!!!...we need more southern mods and admins not goof balls like you

    ill hit u up on feet
  9. I've already said I'm not doing it for Monday. For the 'most knowledgeable' you do make some basic errors. The English don't say "soccer" for example.

    If you hate this site, don't use it. No one is forcing you to. And if you have such a problem with my moderation, take it up with management.
  10. getofmeland

    getofmeland Guest

    I have contacted Chiro now, so you two lay it off...

    and let your posts do the talking not bitch about each other..

    As I said to Chiro in the PM we have an equal member of NH and SH staff or we do try to at least...
  11. you obviously dont read aswell as i type...

    there is a reason why i hate this site..

    you are now excused from dumb ass class..infact you have graduated..dumb ass
  12. getofmeland

    getofmeland Guest

    <div align="center"> RIGHT PEOPLE TRUCE TIME!!!

  13. And once again you don't offer any reasons what we can do to improve it and therefore your point is moronic and void.

    SFW and Chiro you don't like each other. Fair enough. Not everyone in life gets on. My patience for all **** and wind Chiro thins by the post. You should ignore each other. SFW will do that readily, but if you try and provoke SFW I will hit you with a ban Chiro.

  14. what the f***
    "Well done, that's sure to carry our World Cup forum."

    that is provoking..from ya lil kiss ass buddy...i didnt say **** all to start this..and yeah my comment was a was an open take things too seriously..too close to old are you?> might get a heart attack bro..better hit them vitamins mate

    as for a truce?...get out of here..truce for what?..just tell him to dont pop smart ass comments to me and ill do likewise..havent even mention that clown since you pm'd me to tone it down...yes you getofmeland...

    so get ya facts right st hellz...

    truce is for the weak and such thing in this world as peace but you can distance yourself away from the troubles of conflict by NOT initiating it

    ~ chiro aka...leave me da f*** alone and you'll get ya peace
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